Ballarat Base Hospital, Built Modern

Ballarat Base Hospital has just reached a significant stage in it’s long-awaited redevelopment. The construction of the new building on Drummond Street has recently been completed, and it looks fantastic. Team EDGE® picked up the camera and headed out west to see the works.

Ballarat Base Hospital has been undergoing continuous redevelopment since 2013. The Department of Health approved several different stages of construction  under a $46m package. These included a multi-level carpark with helipad, a new MRI unit, a refurbishment of the paediatric centre, and the new building on Drummond Street. The latter is where we turned our camera.

Envisioned by architects Billard Leece Partnership and constructed by H. Troon, the new three-storey building has replaced the ageing Yuille House facility which formerly occupied the site. Demolition of Yuille House commenced in late 2014 and stretched through to last year. The new structure is considerably larger: it will house the hospital’s main reception area, several operating theatres, a general surgical ward, and dozens of new patient beds.

There is an increasing awareness of the importance of outdoor views and accessible gardens in architectural design. This building clearly pays tribute to the idea; central to the hospital’s design is a large garden courtyard with outdoor seating. Overlooked on three sides by full-height glass windows, the design allows patients in every part of the building to enjoy the scenery. The glass also serves to let plenty of fresh natural light filter into indoor spaces, brightening patient’s moods and reducing hospital lighting costs.

The importance of glass is also highlighted at the building’s main entrance, where a huge angled facade stands strong. Constructors put on the last touches whilst we were there. It was clear just how impressive the finished structure will appear.

The facade links through to an entry hall, leading into the main reception. Natural lighting and wide open spaces serve to welcome guests inside and forestall the claustrophobic feelings commonly associated with hospitals. Despite the wide expanse of glass, EDGE’s products will ensure the entrance space won’t heat up too much in summer. Our MAX 150 & 182 Structural Glazed framing suites and MAX commercial doors work hand-in-hand with our custom-designed shading fins to keep visitors and patients alike in a comfortable temperature range.


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