Commercial windows, the perfect luxury for Australian homes

Nothing says luxury like superior thermal performance, sophisticated aesthetics and product durability.

EDGE Architectural, while primarily a commercial framing system, provides an outstanding window and door solution for high-end residential projects. For architects working on private residences, specify superior architectural windows and doors to provide your customers with:

  • Interchangeable compatible suites for increased design flexibility
  • Improved thermal performance with U-MAX™ thermally broken framing and MAX™ double glazing
  • Advanced water management methodology
  • Anti-drop-out gaskets
  • Polyurethane thermal break for increased strength and polyamide thermal break in select doors, for increased aesthetic
  • Contemporary Australian design with a metric footprint
  • Angular architectural lines and frame dimensions
  • Operable awning and casement sashes with Truth hardware
  • Bi-fold and stacking sliding doors (bottom rolling or top hung) capable of impressive heights and large spans; ideal for alfresco entertaining spaces
  • Superior sliding and bi-fold door hardware for smooth and easy operation
  • High performing windows and doors they will be happy with for years to come

Project Focus

Completed last year, Stevenson Street in Kew is a stand-out development in EDGE’s project portfolio. A brilliant example of the effectiveness of EDGE for the residential market, this architectural extension is nothing short of impressive.

The Kew House features U-MAX™ thermally broken assemblies and the U-MAX™ thermally broken overhead sliding door, with Tomma hardware.

For more information on U-MAX™ thermally broken windows from EDGE Architectural, visit EDGE.

Project Team
Architect: CA Architecture
Builder: Canny Projects
Fabricator: Ecoview Architectural Aluminium Windows

EDGE Architectural_UMAX_KewHouse_Thermallybroken
EDGE Architectural_UMAX_KewHouse_Thermallybroken
EDGE Architectural_UMAX_KewHouse_Thermallybroken