Kit up with EDGE Architectural aluminium louvres

At EDGE we’re all about making things easier and better. From architect to builder and through to fabricator, we want projects to run smoothly, after all, we are the project people.

EDGE provides projects with superior performing thermally broken, double glazed and single glazed framing systems, through U-MAX™, MAX™ and GEN™, EDGE also provides a range of aluminium louvre solutions. From custom design sunshade units to architectural feature fins and ventilation louvres, when specifying or purchasing framing systems from EDGE, it only makes sense to source louvres too.

Ventilation louvres are almost a must on any apartment, multi-unit development, or institutional project; providing an opportunity for adequate airflow, reducing condensation or moisture build up and contributing to breathable buildings. Ventilation louvres are a powerful component of contemporary architecture, from car park vents to highlight ventilation space above widows and doors.

EDGE Architectural provides ventilation louvres in kit form. For our aligned fabricators, this simplifies louvre installation, leaving them with more time to work on frame fabrication. For architects, EDGE fabrication of louvre gallery designs provides flexibility for custom shapes and openings.

darlingstreet_EDGE Louvres

EDGE kit louvres, a must!

It’s not rocket science, just good old common sense, choose EDGE Architectural kit louvres for:

  • Simplified specification and product orders. Source your windows and louvres from the same manufacturer
  • Matching aluminium finishing across windows and louvres
  • Reduced fabrication time
  • Easy onsite installation
  • Custom and standard gallery shapes
  • Well ventilated interiors
  • Reduction of condensation and moisture (especially in concrete buildings)
  • Locally manufactured product with local lead times
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Louvre blade and design options
  • Suitable for commercial and residential applications