Project Update: Ringwood Police Station, almost complete

With handover only a couple of weeks away, yesterday Team EDGE visited Ringwood Police Station to see how the project has changed since last visit.

Featuring EDGE’s 150mm U-MAX™ thermally broken front glaze framing system, the station is looking very different from our last visit in February (to see earlier project images, read “Ringwood Police Station receives a modern makeover“). Our windows are now installed and the façade complete with an external sunshade design that works as an architectural feature and privacy screen.

By installing EDGE Architectural’s U-MAX™ framing systems, Ringwood Police Station will enjoy a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Increased thermal performance
  • Quality Australian design and manufacturing
  • Anti drop-out, anti stretch gaskets
  • Advanced water management
  • Polyurethane thermal break for extra strength

Project Team

Window Fabrication: SteelVision

What is a Polyurethane/Pour and Debride thermal break anyway?

  • Pour and Debridge is the most widely used system for thermal barriers in North America.
  • U-MAX™ incorporates this best practice of US commercial framing systems and adapts it for Australian commercial applications.
  • The EDGE system is unique to anything else in Australia’s commercial aluminium window and door frame industry.
  • Polyurethane mixture is prepared and poured into a barrier channel in the aluminium extrusion.
  • After the mixture is cured, the barrier channel is “debridged”, meaning a separation is created between the inner and outer surfaces of the aluminium frames.
  • Mature technology, efficient and cost effective.
  • Pour and Debridge with Polyurethane maintains a greater level of strength, when compared to crimping thermal break methods
  • Polyurethane is a proven insulator for aluminium frames.