Ringwood Police Station receives a modern makeover

Ringwood in Victoria is getting a new police station.

Ringwood’s new police complex will feature EDGE Architectural’s 150mm U-MAX™ thermally broken front glaze framing system. The stations new design is a long awaited contemporary addition to Ringwood Street. A couple of weeks ago, EDGE checked in to see how Ringwood Police Station was progressing, with U-MAX™ installation just begun, it was an ideal time for some progress photos.


Project Team

Window Fabrication: SteelVision

The U-MAX™ difference

U-MAX™ is the most exciting product development in Australian windows and doors in 50 years. U-MAX™ is a superior performing thermally broken suite designed to meet Australian conditions and standards. Suitable for commercial (such  as Ringwood Police Station) and high-end residential applications, U-MAX™ doesn’t just offer a thermal break. Advanced water shedding features, plus interchangeable systems and door and sash elements allow the suite to offer a complete range of energy and design advantages.

What our research into thermal break taught us

A worldwide research mission informed EDGE of two schools of thermal break thought. Both strong in their own right and both suited to different applications. Finding merit in each method, we decided to adopt both. It’s important to understand each method, their advantages and how they can be best used.

1. The Polyurethane System

This method of thermal break was popularised in the US. The pour and debridge (P&D) polyurethane system is a benefit in particular to commercial projects as it prevents through frame energy loss without compromising the integrity of the frame.

2. The Polyamide System

This is the system of choice in Europe. The polyamide system utilises a solid polyamide strip crimped between two or more extrusions to provide the thermal break. This methodology provides great results for smaller window systems or for doors when the break will be visible to the end user.

The U-MAX™ range

At EDGE Architectural, we understand the importance of having options. Our ever evolving product suites strive to provide architects, builders and fabricators with a range of frames suitable for almost all projects. While Ringwood Police Station features 150mm U-MAX™ thermally broken front glaze framing, there are more products within the U-MAX™ range to choose from. Get to know U-MAX™ and find a thermally broken suite, suitable for your next project.

  • U-MAX™ 100mm Centre Thermally Broken
  • U-MAX™ 100mm Front Thermally Broken
  • U-MAX™ 150mm Front Thermally Broken
  • U-MAX™ 150mm Front Capped Thermally Broken
  • U-MAX™ 150mm Offset Thermally Broken
  • U-MAX™ 150mm Thermally Broken Structural Glazed
  • U-MAX™ Thermally Broken Awning & Casement Sashes
  • U-MAX™ Thermally Broken Commercial Door
  • U-MAX™ Thermally Broken Sliding Door
  • U-MAX™ Thermally Broken Bi-fold Door