The power of seeing how things are made

Any savvy specifier does their research.

When it comes to specifying architectural windows and doors, it’s paramount you download technical product manuals, obtain test data, access CAD files and familiarise yourself with successfully completed projects.

Have you considered, as part of your research, discovering in person, where and how the frames you are specifying are made?

At EDGE Architectural, we believe sharing our extrusion and fabrication process with architects is a must. Technical catalogues and CAD files narrow into specific frame assembly details, but it’s one thing to look at a framing system on paper and another to experience aluminium extrusions in person. Put it this way, would you be satisfied looking at a photograph of a delicious chocolate cake? Heck, no, you would want to taste the cake, sit down and eat it in person … aluminium windows and doors can be a lot like cake, great in a photo or technical drawing, ten thousand times better in person.

EDGE Architectural offers Architects and design professionals the opportunity to visit our Dandenong South manufacturing facility. Meet the people behind EDGE, experience how frames are made, from extrusion to aluminium finishing – understand the whole process.

Understanding technology

At EDGE we talk a lot about pour & debridge, Watershed, anti-drop out glazing beads and gaskets … but what does any of this really mean? Visiting our manufacturing facility provides an opportunity to see components from EDGE’s unique feature set, being extruded, assembled and fitted. Touch and feel real product samples, speak directly to our research and development team and truly grasp each element of EDGE Architectural’s unique DNA. See U-MAX™ frames undergo their pour & debridge treatment, see where Watershed actually sits in our frames and learn how fabricators assemble, waterproof and glaze U-MAX™, MAX™ and GEN™ . Windows and doors can feel overwhelming at times, you will be amazed how much clearer things become, once you see every element fitting together with your own eyes.

“Knowledge is power”, the more you understand about EDGE, the more powerful your specifications can be. Understand the technology, know its possibilities and limitations and allow your design vision to become reality.

fabrication training_small
fabrication training_15_small

Building relationships

Your project is mid-way through construction, the phone rings, it’s the dreaded builder phone call – something you documented can’t be achieved onsite. There’s nothing worse than this call. This phone call will delay your project, may result in compromising design intention, and no matter what, this phone call will mean speaking to one very angry builder. EDGE Architectural wants to make sure you never receive one of these calls in regard to your windows and doors. We believe the best way to avoid this is to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. If you have questions, call or visit us. If you have a wild design idea in need of customised sections, call or visit us. Discover what’s possible and impossible during documentation by connecting and building a relationship with EDGE.

EDGE offer EDGE Consult, a dedicated team of product experts to assist you with specification, meeting energy requirements and resolving complex design details. Meet with EDGE Consult at our manufacturing facility to enhance your supplier network and increase your understanding of our architectural windows and doors.

Keeping it local

How do you feel when local projects are won by international architects? Missing out is never a nice feeling and it’s a similar feeling of disappointment for manufactures when products are imported from overseas. EDGE prides itself on Australian design and Australian manufacturing. Local warranties, local lead times, and quality you can feel confident with. Another advantage of being local, is the ability to share our facility with you. Don’t be shy, contact EDGE and arrange a time to visit and discuss your projects, discover more about EDGE and increase your understanding of aluminium window and door design and manufacturing.

Contact EDGE Architectural to arrange a time to visit our facility.