312 La Trobe Street Student Accommodation

Designed by dKO Architects, 312 Latrobe Street, Urbanest’s newest student accommodation tower is an exciting addition to Melbourne’s CBD and EDGE Architectural’s project portfolio.

Featuring EDGE double glazed assemblies, the clean, contemporary design complements Melbourne’s cityscape with an impressive use of concrete and glass. 312 La Trobe Street features MAX™ 100 Centre Double Glaze assemblies and MAX™ 150 Structural Double Glaze assemblies. EDGE Architectural’s unique product DNA will provide students with increased levels of interior comfort all year round, as our MAX™ double glazed units reduce heat loss during winter and excess heat gain in summer.

312 La Trobe Street photos

For more images and internal views, visit dKO’s website.

The MAX™ advantage

MAX™, EDGE Architectural’s double glazed range, adopts all the products from the U-MAX™ range in non-broken form, complemented by additional frame selections. MAX™ offers an array of interchangeable systems and door and sash elements to provide a complete, highly energy efficient range of products. Like U-MAX™ and GEN™, MAX™ double glazed framing systems posses a multitude of features and benefits, setting EDGE aside from other products on the market. Specify MAX™ for:

  • Design flexibility
  • Superior drainage methodology
  • Framing that won’t leak
  • Captive glazing wedges
  • Anti drop-out beads
  • No visible drainage holes on transoms
  • Metric footprint
  • Structural glazing tape technology for speedy curtain wall assembly
  • Australian designed and made
  • Full compatibility with U-MAX™ thermally broken frames and GEN™ single glazed frames
  • Increased energy performance

Urbanest on Urbanest

We know it’s really hard to find great quality accommodation close to universities for great value for money. We also know that a safe, well looked after place to live is even more difficult to find. That’s where urbanest come in.

Urbanest was founded in February 2008 and is one of Australia’s largest provider of student accommodation. We have a great deal of experience designing, building and running accommodation specifically designed for students in other countries and we’re really excited about opening thousands of rooms across Australia over the next few years. We find the best locations for students lifestyles, taking into account close proximity to transport links, universities and social centres. We design and build living spaces especially for students and manage the buildings in a way that promotes and supports your lifestyle. In short, we know students and it’s our mission to deliver; the best locations, all inclusive rents, really great hospitality service, new benchmarks in comfort and a fantastic place to meet new friends and live your life the way you want.

Currently we’re located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

312 La Trobe Street Renders from Urbanest

Source: Urbanest Melbourne