A rave review for the MAX™ Bi-fold door

Bi-fold doors that work like “a dream”

Last month, I wrote about the EDGE Bi-fold door and the development strategy around designing a system that makes user operation easier. Our Bi-fold is quickly gaining popularity with fabricators, installers and designers.

Jason Cocking, Project Manager for Seelite Windows & Doors, recently oversaw the installation of MAX™ Bi-fold doors on a project in North Melbourne and he gave us this feedback on the system.

I personally was on site and installed the doors myself, the doors were installed with double glazed units which were quite heavy to lift but once in place and fully adjusted they were a dream to slide open; the sliding mechanism seemed to work great and I could easily push the doors open with one finger. The most significant difference between the Ai MAX system and the ALSPEC Hawkesbury system that I have used previously was the height adjustment mechanism on the roller hinges, it was an easier, faster and more accurate way of adjusting the doors to the correct height and width with your hardware. I would happily and will be recommending the Ai system for all of our Bi-fold needs in the future.

Thanks, Jason. We couldn’t agree more.

Integrated louvre design delivers whole window solution

Nothing makes life easier than working with products that work with each other. As the EDGE architectural louvre range was developed in tandem with our window and door systems, we offer a whole window solution. More than an independent louvre system and an independent window system, EDGE systems integrate for better performance and better aesthetics.

EDGE louvre products are designed with thoughtful consideration to work with EDGE framing systems. Because of our “big picture” approach to research and product development, the combined EDGE systems out-perform, out-feature and out-awesome the result achieved from sticking two separate systems, developed independently, together. Our framing systems allow for ventilation louvres, shading fins, feature fins and plantation shutters. Strategic design and frame adaptability makes EDGE Architectural more flexible, more attractive and more likely to meet your design requirements. For more information, talk to us.

EDGE Louvres: here, there, everywhere!

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