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Big news Architects, EDGE Architectural is now on Bookmarc!

Do you manage a digital product library with Bookmarc? Search for EDGE Architectural and save EDGE into your product library. If you’re working on a particular project, you can access full technical catalogues, segmented into manageable PDF files for U-MAX™ thermally broken, MAX™ double glaze and GEN™ single glaze framing systems. Save EDGE technical information and EDGE project images into your Bookmarc project folders for easy reference. If you need more information, you can always call EDGE, click through to, or fill out the Bookmarc contact form.

Watch out for EDGE Architectural blogs on Bookmarc’s Project and News page. EDGE blogs cover everything from project case studies, project updates, information on product DNA, sustainable design strategies and specification assistance. EDGE Architectural strives to continually meet the needs of architects and building designers. EDGE is excited to offer design professionals, via Bookmarc, another avenue to access information on U-MAX™ thermally broken, MAX™ double glazed and GEN™ single glazed framing systems.

A thirst for ‘the new’ and a desire to develop an Australian made window and door offering that resolved industry product issues from the past, propelled EDGE to where it is today. EDGE Architectural specialises in custom architectural features and welcomes architects to explore the possibilities made available by through a unique feature set, with DNA that includes:

  • Thermally broken systems
  • Solid metric footprint across all products
  • Advanced drainage methodology
  • Captive glazing beads that won’t unclip
  • Anti-drop out gaskets
  • Anti-shrink, non-drop out glazing wedges
  • No visible drain holes
  • Multiple glazing options
  • Multiple frame options
  • Mix and match frame flexibility

Visit EDGE on Bookmarc here.

EDGE Architectural on Bookmarc