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From multi-residential to educational, to single dwellings, window and door requirements can vary immensely.

Given the contrast between different project sectors, it can be difficult to find one manufacture with an offering to suit all applications. EDGE Architectural is one such manufacturer. Our extensive (and always growing) range of thermally broken, double glazed and single glazed framing systems, are suitable for a variety of developments. Superior design and inherit flexibility is what enables EDGE to be a practical, exciting specification option for architects and builders. Able to achieve superior energy performance, EDGE is revolutionising the aluminium window and door industry by offering a range of fully compatible and interchangeable frames. The ability to mix and match systems and maintain visual unity; our anti-drop out glazing beads; superior drainage technology, and factory glazing options, further explains why EDGE Architectural is fast becoming the number one window and door option across all building sectors.

Be inspired by the versatility of U-MAX™, MAX™ and GEN™ from EDGE Architectural.


Apartments are experiencing a boom across Australia. Price driven, but energy concious, EDGE offers many benefits to this market.  The ability to specify U-MAX™ thermally broken frames, and MAX™ double glazed frames, on different façades, meeting individual energy requirements and maintaining visual unity, can provide a cost saving advantage for developers, while sustaining architectural design intention.

EDGE also offers a range of apartment sliding doors and sashes in U-MAX™, MAX™, and GEN™.

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312 LaTrobe Street, Urbanest Student Accommodation, VIC

Featuring MAX™ 100 centre double glaze and MAX™ 150 structural double glaze assemblies.

Urbanest_3m component feature

Newnham Apartments, Student Accommodation, TAS

Featuring U-MAX™ sliding door and awning sash, with U-MAX™ 100 front glaze thermal break assemblies.


Arte Apartments, ACT

Featuring MAX™ 100 front double glaze assemblies.

image of EDGE Architectural MAX project


The education sector allows architectural expression to run wild, as each institution aims to offer better learning facilities. U-MAX™ achieves thermal break via pour and debridge technology. This process uses polyurethane instead of a polyamide strip. The advantage of pour and debridge, is its ability to maintain greater structural integrity than it’s polyamide cousin. U-MAX™ frames lose only 8 percent structural integrity, allowing generous commercial window spans. In addition to strength, U-MAX™ and MAX™ have proven popular by offering clean structural glazed options. EDGE structural glazing accommodates 3M VHB structural tape. 3M VHB tape allows for quicker fabrication and offsite glazing.

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LaTrobe Institute of Molecular Science (LIMS), VIC

Featuring U-MAX™ 150 structurally glazed thermally broken assemblies.

U-MAX thermally broken window systems installed at LIMS

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), TAS

Featuring MAX™ 150 structural glazed double glaze assemblies.

MAX structurally glazed window systems and sunshades installed at IMAS


For a home owner, specifying thermally broken window and doors might seem more expensive in the beginning, but cost savings over time, are well worth an initial investment. Thermally broken frames will significantly reduce winter heating costs, with less heat lost from your home. Effective placement of thermally broken sashes, for air flow, will mean in summer, you can reduce cooling costs. By employing passive heating and cooling design principles your home can become a more sustainable and less expensive asset to manage. Builders and home owners are realising the benefits of quality window and door systems, and they are asking for EDGE Architectural.

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Cole Street Brighton, VIC

Featuring  U-MAX™ thermally broken 100 centre glaze, U-MAX ™150 thermally broken offset and commercial stacking door systems.

an image of U-MAX energy efficient thermally broken window systems installed in a Melbourne home
U-MAX thermally broken windows installed in a residence


Flexibility to customise and achieve non-standard details, through support from EDGE Consult has made EDGE Architectural a popular specification on commercial developments. EDGE Consult provides assistance to fabricators, builders, architects and façade engineers to generate project solutions. EDGE Consult loves a challenge, be it finding ways to turn architectural vision into reality, or meeting stringent U Values and ESD requirements. EDGE Architectural allows design freedom to flourish, and the commercial sector is thankful for this.

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Depot Building, Cranbourne Botanic Gardens, VIC

Featuring 100 MAX™ and 100 U-MAX™ 100 assemblies with awning sashes.


The Clarence Reardon Centre, Springvale Cemetery, VIC

Featuring U-MAX™ 150 structural glaze assemblies.

The Clarence Reardon Centre_EDGE ARCHITECTURAL