Better projects and higher performance by design

EDGE Architectural adds value to projects with higher performing systems, higher performing people and a strategic ecosystem of support

We’re project people.

Higher performing products are the result of attention to detail, proper documentation, customer training, and follow-through. U-MAX™, MAX™ and GEN™ are exquisitely performing products that add fantastic value to a building, but the EDGE Architectural ranges are just a part of the EDGE offering. Our real strength is in helping drive projects.

We work within a network where training, products, logistics and strong partnerships all unite. We call this the EDGE Ecosystem. The EDGE ranges benefit from a community of people, organisations, processes and elements interacting to create the EDGE Ecosystem. These components are tightly linked together to assure exquisite performance from our framing systems.

When you think projects, think EDGE Architectural and the EDGE Ecosystem. From consultative specification support to a network of expert fabricators, and every step in between, EDGE Architectural drives projects. No other supplier partnership in the industry parallels the support, quality and knowledge found in the EDGE Ecosystem.
At EDGE Architectural, we are proud of our commitment to the Australian architectural industry and our role in helping drive sustainable design.

The EDGE product offering is of the highest calibre. This allows us to forge strong partnerships within the design community. EDGE Architectural is no ordinary glazing suite and the experts have welcomed this.

We work with designers from early concept sketches, through to specification. Our team’s industry knowledge and experience is parallel to none. Architects view Team EDGE as problem solvers and framing system gurus.

The key to project success is our proactive approach. We endeavour to be involved through the lifespan of each project. From the first architectural meeting to the day the fabricator steps in, and beyond, our team is ready to help.

EDGE Consult

The EDGE Consult team has extensive knowledge of EDGE Architectural framing systems, the development process and the performance benefits of every frame. They provide project specific support, systems training and focused workshops.

Often projects involve nonstandard details. It can be difficult to know how to fabricate, or even where to source irregular sections. Speak to EDGE Consult and find the solution.

Energy ratings can be a minefield. EDGE Consult offers architects access to our product developers to assist with system selection. Our engineers will recommend the correct framing system to achieve thermal performance requirements.

U-Values, SHGC requirements and architectural projects will become a piece of cake with EDGE Consult.

As a architect and innovative designer, you form a principle element of the EDGE Ecosystem. Your projects benefit from local efficient logistics, Australian product warranties, engineering and design support, architectural specification, and a total window and door product offering revolutionary to the Australian construction industry. EDGE has the resources and expertise to be with you at every step of your journey. Together, we’ll propel projects from conception to realisation.

After all, we’re project people.