Building upwards with EDGE: apartment windows and doors

When we can no longer go out, we must go up.

Over the past 15 years Australian cities have undergone major transformations. Inner city single dwellings and medium rise structures have, and are being sold, demolished and cleared, to make way for apartments, lots of apartments, lots and lots of big apartments.

With so many vertical residences under construction, out to tender, in schematic design and documentation, a major shift is occurring in apartment architecture. Design, while still developer driven, is moving away from “build the biggest tower with the smallest rooms at the cheapest price.” mentality.  Buyers are discerning, educated and their expectations are high. To compensate reduction of land and private recreation space, property investors expect high levels of amenity and real points of difference from the buildings they chose to buy into. Buyers now have the luxury of choice. For developers, architects and builders, the sheer volume of multi-residential units has created real competition.

Architectural design is king. Most developments are going to share somewhat identical unit footprints. It’s façade architecture, sustainability, consideration of end users and amenity which sets one apartment complex apart from another.

View, ventilation and all year round interior comfort impact apartment success and buyer interest. Windows are responsible for view and ventilation, and will significantly impact interior comfort. Apartments are no longer stopgap accommodation or bachelor pads. Buyers are investing in units the same way as suburban houses – with the expectation of building their life, family and home in these spaces for many years to come. Apartment architects must think long term and window specification must be part of this thought process.

EDGE Architectural provides high performing glazing systems across single, double and thermally broken suites, suitable for apartment window specification. With an established body of boutique multi-residential apartments now complete, it’s becoming clear, EDGE aluminium framing systems compliment and enhance luxury apartment projects.

Much like the features that make one apartment development more desirable to invest in than another, EDGE has a unique feature set DNA, setting it apart from others.

The EDGE apartment glazing difference

  • Options: EDGE is all about flexibility and making sure you have the product you need to make design vision, built reality. EDGE offers U-MAX™ thermally broken, MAX™ double glazed and GEN™ single glazed framing systems for apartment application. Each system has multiple glazing plane placements to chose from, as well as complimentary door and sash elements. In addition to glazing suits, EDGE Architectural’s range of sunshade fins, feature fins and architectural louvres, makes EDGE a reliable one stop apartment glazing system shop.
  • Compatibility: Point of difference is so important for the apartment market and EDGE wants to assist you in achieving your project’s point of difference. With EDGE, mix and match frames with different glazing pocket placement, IGU size, powdercoat colour, fin details and even work with our in-house product designers and architectural project management team to custom framing systems unique to your project. For more budget sensitive developments, utilise the freedom of compatibility and use U-MAX™ with MAX™, or MAX™ with GEN™ to meet aggressive U-values on key façades, and cost effectively satisfy more lenient thermal performance values on others.
  • Performance: Energy requirements are becoming increasingly difficult to meet, the flexibility of EDGE means you can select from an extensive range of thermally broken, double glazed and single glazed suites, all aesthetically equal and all capable of meeting extensive U and SHGC values. Interior comfort is so important for future tenants and owners. Not only does heat loss and gain affect day-to-day living, it impacts ownership costs such as heating and cooling bills. Increase your building’s value proposition by specifying high performing Australian made framing systems and ensure your development is built with the best.
  • Ventilation: Apartments need proper ventilation strategies, for fresh air and also for condensation management. EDGE Architectural offers sash elements and ventilation louvres suitable for apartment windows.
  • Aesthetics: Looks are everything, especially if you’re aiming to attract high-end buyers. EDGE framing systems provide elegant face dimensions, offering suites in 40mm, 50mm and 60mm frame heights. Local manufacturing, design, installation and fabrication from trained, trusted and aligned subcontractors, provides peace of mind you are specifying windows with superior quality control procedures.
  • Water management: Improving window system drainage methodology was a top priority in the development of the EDGE ranges and performance DNA. Drainage holes and sealants are key water management elements. In addition to these, Team EDGE recognised the need for further control over water within the frames, so we introduced a little something called Watershed. Apartments are no place for leaking windows, keep your project dry with EDGE.