Choose Australian for on time, on budget, high quality projects

The local EDGE: your projects on time and on budget with a better system

By choosing EDGE Architectural, developers and builders receive high quality systems and service from a company with unparalleled flexibility in meeting delivery timelines. Our fantastic suites and business model allows EDGE projects to meet quality and efficiency standards in a timely way. Our unwavering commitment to Australian design, standards, technology, supply and manufacturing yields benefits to designer, builder, fabricator and, ultimately, end-user.

An ecosystem of Australian innovators

Projects using EDGE window and door framing suites succeed with the EDGE Ecosystem, a community of people, organisations, processes and elements interacting to create a network of support. We collaborate with like-minded Australian suppliers to keep ideas fresh, innovation percolating, and product development thriving.

The ecosystem includes:

  • EDGE Consult – technical and specification consultation
  • Team EDGE – quoting, ordering and manufacturing support for the fabricator
  • Extruding – tight process management and strict standards of quality control
  • Surface finishing – surface finishing provides the final touch
  • Components suppliers – the highest standards of quality and customer service
  • Collaboration – innovation through collaboration
  • Supply chain – responsive, reliable, local, supported

Our focus on the best Australian suppliers means reliable delivery dates and a stable supply chain. Our team works with the customer to produce material in a timely fashion to meet project deadlines. We work with our suppliers for responsive and reliable delivery. Within the ecosystem, we have the capacity to extrude to length or deliver special finishes. Ai’s Peak Service offering supports customers’ need for additional manufacturing and fabrication support.

Our reliability, flexibility, capacity – your recipe for success

The strategic nature of the EDGE ecosystem gives us enormous capacity and great flexibility for meeting our customers’ needs. We enjoy a stone’s throw access to six powder coat lines and three anodizing lines. EDGE maximises the capacity of two local aluminium extrusion partners. We can be nimble and responsive for large, custom or short notice projects. Partner fabricators get what they want, when they want it; you benefit.

Supply chain management ensures delivery of window and door framing systems is in full and on time.

You want EDGE on your team

You don’t have time to waste. You stake your reputation on high quality projects completed on time and on budget. We’ve do the leg work for you. Team EDGE works with your designers, facade engineers and fabricators throughout the project life cycle.

This leads to cost savings and time savings from:

  • specification of the correct suite, fit for the performance and aesthetic requirements of the project
  • fast delivery of performance window systems
  • no time lost from “on the water” delivery
  • staging of system delivery, when appropriate
  • just-in-time delivery, when appropriate
  • elimination of waste and over-production
  • reduction of lost “tools down” time, stock levels and stress

With every project, you make a promise to your client. The EDGE team is here to help you keep your promise and continue to build your reputation of excellence.