Curtains up: an exploration of architectural curtain wall

Let the light in and enjoy strength and versatility from curtain wall systems

With its signature large expanses of glass letting sunlight stream in, Australian architecture exemplifies Australians’ love of light.

EDGE Architectural’s unitised curtain wall and structural curtain wall systems allow architects to design buildings with large panels of light, while maintaining the structure’s strength. Additionally, they offer fantastic project quality control due to the panel fabrication normally being completed in the factory, then moved to the project site.

Curtain wall systems serve as non-structural outer walls of a building, allowing natural light to flow in, while keeping wind and rain and other elements out. The curtain wall must be strong enough to carry its own weight load, but doesn’t carry any of the load of the building. Designed and manufactured correctly, a curtain wall will prevent water and air infiltration, and reduce movement from wind and seismic activity.

Giving attention to thermal performance is crucial with curtain walls. The large spans of glass can make control of heat gain and “too bright” light challenging.

Ding, ding, ding … another benefit of working with EDGE.

Planning for the thermal efficiency of architectural window and door systems is a major strength of EDGE Consult and Team EDGE.

Unitised curtain wall systems

Gorgeous and fantastically cost efficient, the EDGE unitised curtain wall system is an easy specification choice. The large panels are manufactured and glazed in the factory in Australia, then trucked to the construction site. Once on the construction site, the panels are lifted and fixed into place.

A few of the unitised curtain wall system benefits include:

  • high quality fabrication in an environmentally controlled factory fabrication
  • speedy installation thanks to off-site glazing
  • decreased labour costs by shifting labour from construction site to factory
  • higher performance from higher quality control

Curtain walls, by definition, span multiple floors, and take into consideration factors of thermal expansion and contraction, diversion of water, building movement, as well as thermal efficiency for cost-effective heating, cooling, and lighting. Talk to our Architectural Project Manager today, to enjoy the benefits of EDGE curtain wall on your next project.