Dissecting the EDGE DNA: High Performing Gaskets

Applying the core principles of drainage for better window systems: the best practice gasket

Very few companies have seriously addressed the issues related to “controlled leakage” of architectural window systems. Commercial windows are designed to leak. Vertical members (jambs and mullions) are down pipes and horizontal members (especially transoms) are gutters. This core principle of drainage through the frame into a subsill is what all commercial framing systems are supposed to do.


Unique in Australia, EDGE™ framing gaskets are top loaded into the window frame and made from co-extruded Santoprene™ with a rigid backing. This rigidity results in audible feedback, a click, when the gasket is fitted. These gaskets can be used on both sides and treated either as a captive or roll-in wedge in one. It fits relatively flat into the pocket and does not detract from the sightlines. It is easily fitted in the factory or on the job site.

Together with proper care and manufacture, and our Watershed methodology, EDGE Architectural provides a high performing, durable and aesthetically pleasing glazing system.

Traditional “roll-in” wedges have been used in our industry since window manufacture began. Usually manufactured from PVC, roll-in wedges are commonplace in the residential window industry, but have a poor reputation in the commercial market. As PVC shrinks, a roll-in wedge can quite easily roll back out.

In many markets, especially in Melbourne, commercial products are silicone glazed. This practice contributes to poor manufacturing processes. Dry butted frame joints leak – don’t believe anyone who says differently – and silicon attempts to mask this poor manufacturing. Silicon glazing quite often is used to stop water entry (to treat a window like a fish tank), but it only serves to mask a larger issue. Eventually, service problems will surface.

Shrinkage is a common occurrence with traditional PVC gasket wedges; shrinkage leads to leakage. Best practice and sustainable construction demands using high performance, purpose designed seals. These better performing gaskets don’t shrink, stay UV stable and don’t fall out when properly fitted.

The EDGE Architectural DNA, the feature set and performance principles, ensures our thermally broken range, double glazed range and next generation single glazed range deliver better results for our customers.

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