Don't settle, choose a window system with a glazing bead that won't unseat

For those looking for a better window system, EDGE Architectural delivers

It’s like the riddle of the Sphinx. Why are so many great fabricators, builders and architects settling for architectural window systems with glazing beads that unclip? I suspect none of these professionals want to settle, it’s just that no one has offered a viable solution. Common snap-in beads unseat as a consequence of the glazing technique or from being out of tolerance. Beyond looking bad (the image above illustrates the unattractive the consequences of unseated beads), they compromise the overall performance of the window system. Drainage is compromised. Energy efficiency is compromised. Strength is compromised.

By definition, a glazing bead is meant to hold the glass in place in the sash. If it rocks out, it’s failing in its most basic purpose.

A better bead, a better system

With a purposefully designed captive glazing system, EDGE Architectural glazing beads rock back, rather than clip in, preventing them from ever falling out or becoming unseated. The glazing bead receives pressure from the glass and can’t pop out. The EDGE captivated glazing wedge further adheres the glazing bead. While the EDGE ranges continue to develop, all the suites rise from a foundation of international, best-of-breed features to ensure consistent performance and quality. The captivated glazing bead is one of these. Giving attention to details, such as the glazing bead, results in smart solutions to architectural window system performance issues that the fenestration industry settled for and thought “that’s just the way it is”.