EDGE Architechtural’s one way pressure secured glazing bead

Captive and secure: a glazing bead that won’t unseat

Encrypted into the EDGE DNA are captive pressure glazing beads, glazing beads that rock back rather than clip in and can’t unseat.

  • captive because it can’t jump out
  • pressure from the glass

Our captivated glazing wedge further secures the glazing bead and will not fall out. To take that principle a step further in many cases, we can recommend the bead at the top of the light (instead of the bottom). From a performance viewpoint, systems can perform better this way. Normal snap-in beads unclip due to poor glazing techniques or from being out of tolerance. It seems a simple thing, but it’s just smarter, a better way of doing things. While the EDGE ranges continue to develop, all the suites rise from a foundation of international, best-of-breed features to ensure consistent performance and quality. The captivated glazing bead is one of these.

DNA of EDGE Architectural framing systems

The captive glazing bead is one more element of the EDGE Architectural DNA. The EDGE DNA instructs the development, form and functioning of all the EDGE Architectural framing systems. It’s not a window, it’s a system. A system with a DNA.

By scoping U-MAX™, MAX™ and GEN™ with the consistent features, our ranges can be interchangeably specified for visual unity and consistent, reliable, excellent performance. You chose the suite based on a desired U-value and maintain a consistent sightline around the building even when you alternate between frames.
Other markers of the EDGE DNA include:

  • Thermal break
  • No drain holes
  • Watershed drainage methodology
  • External screw
  • High performance gasket
  • Mix & match framing