EDGE Architectural’s unique gasket design

EDGE Architectural’s gasket design is a break from tradition and a significant development for drainage technology.

At EDGE, we refused to scrimp on the seals.

To ensure a quality gasket design across the EDGE thermally broken, double glazed and single glazed framing systems, we partnered with Marco Extrusions. Together, we developed a high end co-extruded captive wedge. The result is a high performing gasket delivering numerous benefits.

What makes the EDGE gasket different?

A significant element in the development of the EDGE range of architectural windows and doors, was ensuring U-MAX™, MAX™ and GEN™ would not repeat existing design flaws inherit to the Australian aluminium market. Leaking frames is a major issue within the aluminium window and door industry. Very few companies have seriously addressed the issues related to leaking, or indeed “controlled leakage”. Commercial windows are designed to leak. Jambs and mullions are downpipes and transoms are gutters. This core principle of drainage through the frame into a subsill is what all commercial framing systems are supposed to do. Best practice is to use high performance, purpose designed seals, that cannot shrink, are UV stable and cannot fall out if properly fitted.

Our framing gaskets are “top loaded” into the frame (unique in Australia) and manufactured from co-extruded Santoprene™ with a rigid backing which gives audible feedback when being fitted. At EDGE, we call it “a satisfying click”. This gaskets can be used on both sides and treated either as a captive or roll in wedge. It fits relatively flat into the pocket, thus it does not detract from the sight lines, and is easily fitted in the factory or on site. This unique gasket design was made possible through EDGE Architectural’s partnership with Marco Extrusions.


Marco on the EDGE gasket

We at Marco Extrusions were delighted when approached by Aluminium Industries to partner in the development of various flexible, rigid and co-extruded profiles for U-MAX™ thermally broken, MAX™ double glazed and GEN™ single glazed framing systems. Material selection was of course a paramount consideration during the extensive research, design and development phase of this cutting edge system.

Aspects of the EDGE glazing profiles were specifically designed in consultation with Marco Extrusions to ensure that only the most innovative, cost effective and sustainable solutions were utilised among a plethora of domestic and internationally available commercial materials that not only meet, but exceed existing and forecasted industry requirements.

PVC / Polypropylene / Santoprene® / Aprene® / and u.PVC are among the various material grades specifically chosen for their respective key performance attributes in combination with these designs.

The benefits of Marco materials for EDGE Architectural

u.PVC (Rigid PVC)

  • Profiles within the exclusive EDGE Architectural ranges utilise only premium grade virgin raw materials specifically chosen for their proven resilience and finish.
  • These material grades are all impact modified and suitable for indoor & outdoor applications.
  • Containing UV absorbers, these grades were all developed or selected specifically to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight in excess of seven years without discolouration.

Flexible UV and Co-Extruded PVC & APRENE® (Bush Fire Rated)

  • These and other Flexible and Co-Ex PVC or APRENE® profiles within the EDGE Architectural range utilise only premium grade virgin raw materials specifically chosen for their proven resilience and finish.
  • Available in an assortment of shore hardness’ these materials are all lead free extrusion grades.
  • Designed specifically for glazing gaskets and seals they contain ingredients formulated to withstand prolonged outdoor exposure and provide the maximum UV stability, again delivering in excess of seven years without discolouration.
  • These materials all conform to the requirements of ‘Best Practice Guidelines in the Built Environment’ as mandated by the Green Building Council.
  • Many of these profiles and advanced material grades were also developed /adopted specifically to withstand bush fire attack. Where appropriate, additional function has been added to these profiles through the use of fire rated (FR) compounds. These materials were each independently tested and validated by NATA® approved laboratories to ensure conformance with the bushfire attack (BAL 40) specifications in accordance with with AS 1530.2-1993.
  • Co-Extruded gaskets often eliminate the need for expensive on-site cherry pickers in order to glaze external panels. Eliminate the chance of unspecified gaskets or messy wet-glazing with the EDGE product range.
  • Co-extruded profiles prevent stretching during product assembly and therefore eliminate the risk of gasket reversion and site call backs.
  • These products have the potential to save thousands of dollars per project.

Aprene ®

  • Aprene ® provides a lower co-efficient of friction than its’ closely related standard flexible grades of PVC.
  • Aprene ® provides a ‘superior compression set’ to that of standard PVC. This basically means that the profile shape will not become distorted or squashed after repeated compression. It will continue to seek its original extruded shape following relief from compression each time.

Santoprene® & Co-Extruded Santoprene®

  • These and other Flexible or Co-Extruded profiles produced using the appropriate shore hardness’ provide for an advanced range of glazing gaskets and seals specifically designed to address the strict performance criteria required for the EDGE Architectural ranges.
  • The unique design utilised in development of the U-MAX™ co-ex captive wedges is one that provides all of the desirable glazing efficiencies in terms of pre-fabrication as with a standard co-ex captive wedge and more. These captives are designed to be applied as ‘face-fed’ or ‘roll in’ captive wedges.
  • The added feature of ‘colour coded’ co-ex ‘locking pips’ mean that in addition to preventing reversion, once in-situ, the U-MAX captive wedge is prevented from ever falling out of the glazing pocket, and yet still embraces functionality in that it can later be manually extracted and re-glazed / replaced should the need arise due to damaged glass needing to be replaced.
  • Providing excellent physical properties such as resistance to flex fatigue, UV resistance, chemical resistance, durability and of course it is far lighter than other glazing materials currently available.

Get to know Marco Extrusions

Over 25 years, Marco Extrusions has grown to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality plastic profile extrusion and design solutions throughout Australia and Internationally. Specialists in the Australian residential and commercial window glazing industries, Marco Extrusions is widely recognised as the partner of choice when it comes to developing and delivering state of the art, in-house CAD design / Development and Manufacturing solutions.

For more information on Marco Extrusions, visit their website here.