EDGE systems components: excellence by choice, not by chance

Better components and hardware ensure a better final result in an aluminium window system

Cake, easy to love, not so easy to bake.

To make one that looks incredible and tastes amazing, all the elements must be right.

High quality ingredients (butter, vanilla, sugar, eggs), the right type of flour, a good mixing bowl, knowing your oven, mixing time, baking time, cooling time and adjusting for variables like humidity and altitude all play a role. And then there’s making the frosting and decorating the cake.

Each ingredient or component of the cake holds the power to ruin it.

That’s why excellence is required for every one. It’s similar with designing an architectural window and door system.

A fresh mix for an excellent result

Throughout the selection of components for U-MAX™, MAX™ and GEN™, we’ve been called a lot of names. Discriminating. Critical. Meticulous. Demanding. Audacious. Unreasonable. Bold.

Our people wear these labels with pride. If that’s what it takes to fulfill the vision, so be it. The excellence of the EDGE components is the result of strategic choice, not chance or luck.

Tasked with designing for the future of Australian architectural framing systems, each potential component received merciless scrutiny for the advantages it would bring to the EDGE ecosystem, as well as the enhancements it offered the form and function of the frames. Our components suppliers are the best in their respective fields with fantastic products, service & support, and warranties.

You can be confident in the excellence of the components of the EDGE Architectural systems, because of the excellence of the people, teams and organisations standing behind each component.

Watching the horizon

As we talk with strategic partners in the EDGE ecosystem, one word keeps coming up, innovation. Being the best today isn’t enough. The EDGE systems and the components in the EDGE ecosystem are designed to deliver years of peak performance. Beyond that, we want to be part of creating what comes next in the industry.