Evolution never stops, EDGE ranges grow

New from EDGE: a bigger channel for bigger panes of glass

One size fits all solutions rarely fit anyone. And what’s the point of an ill-fitting solution?

Because we believe in delivering custom, project-based solutions, the EDGE team remains nimble and creative to produce new suites, angles and channels, as well as custom systems for architects and facade engineers. The new U-MAX™ glazing channels are the latest example of this.

Over the past few months, Kath, EDGE Architectural Project Manager, and Rod, Ai Manager of R&D, met with several architectural firms designing high end residential projects. These exquisite homes feature large windows recessed into the floors and walls. Beyond looking beautiful, the architects and the clients also wanted the homes to achieve excellent thermal performance.

The solution? Create a new glazing channel and adaptor to suit the market. Our unique thermal break process allows this new channel to be used thermally broken, or unbroken, depending on project requirements.

The 50 mm frame depth matches the solid metric footprint of other MAX™ and U-MAX™ products, and the 44 mm face dimension marries up with sill heights of sliding doors and fixed windows; providing visual unity.

Rod set to work and the channel is now in stock.

Accepting a double glazed unit (DGU) of up to approximately 38mm, the new channel allows for large spans of glass with no sight lines. Contact Kath for all the details.