We developed EDGE to give your next project an edge

Ai Architectural is now EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems

Aluminium Industries (Ai), established Ai Architectural brand in 2005.  In 2010, Ai recognised increasing performance demands for commercial architectural window and door systems and began research and development into  new suites to meet the emerging market needs, focused on features like thermal break and advanced drainage. This development accelerated significantly over the subsequent 18 months.

Through a journey of dynamic research and fresh feature development, we established one of the most comprehensive set of commercial aluminium window and door frame systems in Australia.

We wanted a fresh name to reflect our fresh thinking, fresh designs and fresh product ranges, and we got it. Conceptually, EDGE represents our culture and philosophy; however it also describes the strategy behind the feature sets of the EDGE ranges.

The EDGE is literal

It’s a window EDGE. But more than a window, it’s a system.

It’ s a warm EDGE, a front EDGE, a square EDGE, the leading EDGE and a true EDGE over other aluminium window and door systems.

It’s the EDGE your eye follows along the façade of a building and the uninterrupted view of an infinity look.

EDGE is the common sightlines and visual unity projects can achieve when using the frames interchangeably.

EDGE is the screw external to the glazing pocket. The pocket is set back at the perfect distance to get the best strength, minimize tilt, support the load and drain water.

EDGE steps away from the imperial measurements put in place in the 1960s and offers a comprehensive range with a hard metric footprint. No fudging or patching with the EDGE suites.

The EDGE is conceptual

Change is dependent on the unreasonable man.

The minds driving EDGE Architectural decided to be unreasonable and develop a comprehensive range of architectural window and door framing systems from a legacy-free, greenfield design. It’s risky, it’s edgy.

Our R&D team is focused on innovation, on finding the features and benefits that keep EDGE ranges on the leading edge for providing energy efficiency, performance and design freedom.

The principles of EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems offers specific benefits, including:

  • Full metric footprint
  • Visual unity and seamless integration between suites
  • Unbroken and thermally broken suites integrate
  • Front, centre and offset glazing
  • No visible drain slots
  • Concealed transom drainage system directs water over and around the edge of glass
  • Watershed drainage methodology is designed to be factory fitted during transom assembly to increase quality control and cost savings
  • Common screw flute centres across U-MAX™, MAX and GEN
  • Anti drop out beads
  • Pocket design is clean and uncluttered with no restricting legs
  • Split mullion design for most suites allows mix and matching

The EDGE is us

The EDGE team is not a “me too” group of people. We ask why and why not. We look for the problems and ferret out solutions. We are unreasonable. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

EDGE Architectural isn’t here to sell boxes of metal. We’re here to create and help our customers build for life.