Five EdgePoint features to help you be more awesome

Smooth out your hectic day with EdgePoint

Are you getting the most from your EdgePoint membership? It’s a very robust digital platform and even the most active users miss a few of the resources it offers. According to Team EDGE, these are the absolutely-positively-don’t-miss-or-you’ll-miss-out features:

  • Print a Fast Find
  • Print a Wall Chart
  • Print the technical manual for a single suite
  • Track an order
  • Access Energy Ratings

Fast Find Index

Keep informed on the constantly evolving EDGE range by periodically downloading a new Fast Find index. The EDGE development team regularly adds new suites and extrusions to the ranges. We have recently added three new suites and approximately 30 new architectural extrusions.

Wall charts

With EdgePoint’s Print one suite, two suites, all the products in a project, or the whole EDGE Architectural sheebang. For a Project:

  • From the “Catalogue” page, select the “Project” tab. Either choose a project you’ve been working on from the drop down or click the “add new” button.
  • In the yellow “Project items” box on the right, click the “review project” button. This will take you to the “Quote” page. Select your paper format and layout from the drop down and click the “Create Wall Chart” button.

For complete ranges:

  • From the “Catalogue” page, select the “Print” tab.
  • From the “Products” drop down, select which products you want, then choose your paper format and layout, and click “Wall Chart”. EdgePoint will start building your wall chart. This will take varying amounts of time depending how many products you included in your request.


Individual suite technical manuals

You already know we keep the latest version of the technical manuals for all the EDGE ranges on EdgePoint, but were you aware you can just download a specific suite and not the complete manuals?


From the “Catalogue” page, click the “+” button next to the range you want (either U-MAX™, MAX™, GEN™ or Ai Architectural). The section will expand to show all the suites within that specific range. Next to the suite you want, click “Technical Manual”.


Order tracking

The “My Account” page allows you to track your orders and their expected dispatch date. This feature gives customers the resources to more effectively plan their production and people time.

Energy ratings

Energy ratings, everybody wants them. Our customers, their customers, their customers’ customers, that’s why we’ve made them so easy to access. Simply go to the “Catalogue” page and under the U-MAX, MAX and GEN line, click “Ai Energy Ratings”.



Our team developed EdgePoint to support you and your team, and help streamline your hectic working days. The features and processes are the result of conversations with customers about what they want or need for more efficient interaction.