Five reasons why EDGE Architectural is worth getting to know

EDGE Architectural is rapidly gaining momentum across multiple sectors within the construction industry. EDGE is on architects, builders, façade engineers and fabricators lips, EDGE is an industry talking point.

EDGE’s rise in popularity eventuated because EDGE framing systems offer what others refuse to. EDGE Architectural provides projects with a comprehensive façade solutions. From standard architectural glazing suites to custom designs and new die cutting, EDGE is about innovation and manufacturing products that makes sense.

While the advantages of EDGE are many, here are five top reasons why it’s worth getting to know EDGE Architectural.

1. Frame flexibility

Designed with a top down methodology, EDGE Architectural offers customers fully interchangeable and compatible framing systems. When EDGE was designed there was no legacy of existing or outdated product, EDGE was created on a clean slate, allowing all products to work together in harmony. EDGE allows U-MAX™ thermally broken frames, MAX™ double glazed systems and GEN™ single glaze suites, to be mixed and matched. EDGE enables projects to move from thermally broken frames into standard double glazing or single glazed systems as required. A common footprint across U-MAX™, MAX™ and GEN™ encourages specifiers to play with glazing planes, pairing front glazed systems with centre glazed units to create architectural features.

2. Commercial to high-end residential

Designed as a commercial framing system, EDGE is also suitable for high-end residential design and apartment specification. Energy requirements can be difficult to meet, thermally broken and double glazed framing systems are needed across all project sectors. U-MAX™, MAX™ and GEN™ have the flexibility for specification across both commercial and residential markets.EDGE provides residential design with high performing durable aluminium framing, capable of standing the test of time.

3. Framing, shading and ventilation

It makes no sense to source framing systems from one supplier, ventilation louvres from another, and sun control devices from somewhere else. EDGE offers customers and specifiers full window solutions. To reduce fabrication time and ease installation, EDGE has a range of ventilation louvres available in kit form. Ventilation louvres are ideal for multi-story car parks, commercial building ventilation, winter gardens and plant rooms. Some EDGE systems have been engineered to accept architectural fins and shading louvres. EDGE allows specification and fabrication to become simpler by offering everything the industry needs to create breathable shaded building façades in the one place.

EDGE Architectural_suncontrol fixing

U-MAX™ thermally broken structural glazed 150mm sunshade mullion detail.

4. Welcome weird and wonderful

EDGE Consult allows EDGE to provide consultative services for customers, builders and architects to ensure U-MAX™, MAX™ and GEN™ meet project needs. The EDGE Consult team hold extensive knowledge of framing systems, the development process and the performance benefits of every feature. They provide project specific support, systems training and focused workshops. While other window and door manufactures might shy away from unique details and custom design projects, EDGE Architectural, through EDGE Consult, welcomes the challenge.

5. Australian

EDGE chooses to stay at home, develop a local supply chain and do business with people just down the road. EDGE  is uniquely Australian, developed and made in Australia, specifically for Australian conditions. The quality local manufacturing guarantees and the advantage of local warranties on any project, big or small, is priceless. By keeping production and material sourcing local, EDGE is able to reduce lead times, increase quality control and provide framing systems responsive to Australian climate and design aesthetic.

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