Fixed and operable aluminium louvres: the passive superstar of sustainable design

With sun control, privacy and performance, EDGE manufactures the louvre you’ll love

Once relegated as merely practical, architectural louvre systems have stepped into the spotlight to become a superstar as an element of building design, ventilation and thermal performance.

Integrated louvre design delivers architectural whole window solution

As the EDGE architectural louvre range was developed in tandem with our window and door systems, we offer a whole window solution. More than an independent louvre system and an independent window system, EDGE systems integrate for better performance and better aesthetics.

EDGE louvre products are designed specifically for EDGE framing systems, not tacked on as an afterthought or a mishmash of two disparate systems. This intentional ensures a higher level of performance.

With systems the design and development team on site, we can offer customisation services for unique applications or bespoke systems.

Looking for more reasons to love our louvres? Check out the flexibility of their recommended project types, expansive feature list and even more expansive product applications list.

Project types

  • Residential
  • Apartments
  • Commercial
  • Educational and research
  • Healthcare


  • EDGE louvre systems and sun shades come in a variety of blade heights and depths
  • Can be designed to adapt into the EDGE window framing system
  • Provide a means of permanent ventilation
  • Thermal management and shading for passive thermal control
  • Used as decorative screens, sun shades or barriers
  • Anodising and powder coating finish options
  • Attractive design element
  • Acoustic management
  • Storm and weather protection

Product applications

  • Plant rooms, where they are commonly fitted inside doors
  • Ventilation into cavities
  • Car parks, where privacy, ventilation and wind reduction is required
  • Decorative screening
  • Privacy screening
  • Balcony conditions, protecting a difference in height
  • Sun control
  • Roof louvre systems
  • Facade louvre systems

Louvre specification

Successfully incorporating louvres into a project requires performance not be compromised for aesthetics. EDGE Consult offers services to help designers choose the louvre system that will meet both objectives. Talk to a member of the EDGE team to get your next louvre project rolling.