LogiKal – The Software for Window, Door and Curtainwall Construction

The software provides the databases of numerous well-known architectural profile system suppliers in aluminium and steel. The easy-to-understand program control in LogiKal makes it possible for any user to find their way around the software. The software leads you through the entire design process and ensures that not a single detail is forgotten.


Input of Elevations

The easy-to-understand program control in LogiKal® makes it possible for any user to find their way around the software. It is easy to use elevation input to create windows, doors, facades, shop front items, sliding and folding doors of nearly any type and size at all. You can define the properties of each element step by step. The software leads you through the entire design process and ensures that not a single detail is forgotten.



With LogiKal® all important information can be included on different reports. You can specify which information should appear on printouts – for example whether complete jobs, lots or only selected items should be shown or you can also combine items from different objects and list them in a single printout. Depending on the report you can edit it in the built-in text editor or directly in MS Word or MS Excel. Other text editing programs can be integrated using RTF.


Structural Analysis

You can use the static analysis module to adapt the parameters for a static calculation to existing conditions as specified by AS 4055 and ASD 1288. Many countries standards are already provided in the LogiKal® database. Wind loads can optionally be entered manually or automatically calculated by LogiKal®. Depending on country-specific standards you can choose between different wind zones with their associated terrain categories.



All profiles in an order are distributed between rods in such a way that the smallest possible wastage is obtained. A graphic shows the orientation of the profile on the saw and the order of the individual lengths to be cut. Residual lengths from stock can also be used. The program calculates the most optimum fixed lengths. Different length ranges can be set to different fixed lengths so that multiple fixed lengths per profile are possible.

CAD-Suite 2D

LogiKal® has an internal CAD system that is especially valuable for its simple, user-friendly use. An easy-to-understand arrangement of all relevant functions makes it perfectly tuned to the needs of aluminium window, door and facade construction. Output interface for ERP/PPS systems It‘s easy to connect LogiKal® to an ERP or PPS system. A general interface permits object information to be transmitted to these systems. The data is exchanged as XML or in other file formats, such as CSV and DSTV.


Bar Drawings and Machinings

The machinings and bar drawings module is an essential tool for window and door companies. At the click of a button you can generate complete profile drawings – for doors, windows or facades. LogiKal® does all the drawing for you. During element input LogiKal® automatically determines the profile processes for joints, notches and window hardware, etc.



Even during elevation input LogiKal® already automatically calculates all the necessary processing data for you. Use LogiKal® CNC to transmit your milling and notch processing to your processing centres. Optionally, you can connect three, four or five-axis processing centres.


Interface for 3D Design Programs

With the 3D interface you can create linear frameworks to your specifications in external 3D design programs. The individual lines can be defined with profiles from the LogiKal® database. The integrated, user-friendly dialogue navigation of LogiKal® allows you to define profiles as well as mullion/transom connection variants supporting you in the composition of profile assemblies. A preview window shows you all the profile elements as an overall cross-section.


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