Looking at La Scala

Sitting on the banks of Melbourne’s Maribyrnong River is La Scala Apartments.

With picturesque views over local parkland, riverways and Maribyrnong golf course, La Scala has a lot to offer home-owners and renters. Situated within EDGE Water Estate and completed towards the end of 2014, for EDGE Architectural, La Scala is one of our most recent, stand-out apartment developments. The project features EDGE Architectural aluminium louvres. Fabricated for car park ventilation and highlight window airflow, La Scala provides example of how flexible EDGE’s louvre offering is.

EDGE Architectural is always looking to provide the most efficient product offering in the market. It only seemed natural, in addition to offering U-MAX™ thermally broken, MAX™ double glazing and GEN™ single glazing, to also provide durable, flexible and mutli-purpose aluminium louvres and fins. We believe integral to the success of well designed window and door systems, is complimentary adaptable external shading and ventilations products.

EDGE offers kit form ventilation louvres to assist customers with ease of fabrication and installation. Select EDGE Architectural framing suites have sunshade and architectural fin adaptability, and through our project consultative service, EDGE Consult, custom solutions can be created for non-standard external louvre applications.
From sustainable design strategy, to decorative architectural features, EDGE louvres have unlimited potential. Visit our website for more information on EDGE Architectural louvres.

LaScala_5_small_EDGE Architectural_Louvres
LaScala_4_small_EDGE Architectural_Louvres

La Scala on La Scala

These unique apartments offer a rare and exclusive opportunity to enjoy an area rich in riverside nature, with all the convenience of a modern, inner-city lifestyle. Step out onto wetlands; jump on a bike track and ride into the city; or stroll over the pedestrian bridge for a game of golf. Offering the best of both worlds, La Scala Avenue makes an irresistible river retreat.

The development incorporates numerous accommodation types – from one and two bedroom apartments to penthouses and warehouse- style living – all at an affordable entry level for such a unique location in Melbourne’s inner-city. (source: LaScalaApartments)

Project Team

Builder: ABD Group
Window Fabrication: Oscan Windows
LaScala_11_small_EDGE Architectural_Louvres