The fresh taste of MINT

Port Melbourne, having undergone significant development over the past twenty years, is now growing even further – Mint Apartments is coming.

The five-storey, 16-apartment complex is the project of architectural firm Wood Marsh, and is being marketed by Hocking Stuart.

The number of residencies was deliberately reduced in order to maximise space and amenities for the occupants. Featuring a mix of one, two and three bedroom flats, the prices of Mint Apartments range from $675,000 up to $1.7 million per dwelling.

A significant aspect of the building will be the striking glass facade. Employing EDGE’s MAX™ 150mm Structural Glazed suite to create a full-glass appearance, the building will feature our new 166° structurally angled mullions as part of the suite. These will be installed both internally and externally to create a smooth undulation across the front. When combined with glass panels of different colours, the resulting composition will cause sunlight to reflect randomly in different spectrums and directions in imitation of the play of light on water.

The use of MAX™ also means Mint Apartment’s occupants will benefit from the comfortable thermal insulation of double-glazing, ensuring warmth in winter despite the chill of bay-side winds.

Construction is expected to be finished around late 2016 / early 2017. We recently took a quick trip out to Port Melbourne to see the site.

As can be seen, everything is starting to shape up. We think it’s going to look great when it’s finished; watch this space for more.

EDIT: See finished images for this project here.