New Website

EDGE Architectural are proud to reveal its new website. With a focus on a visual experience, the new EDGE website shows off our extensive range of products to architects and designers, allowing visitors to easily find the best EDGE suite for their projects.

A new feature of the EDGE website is our product selector. Choose any of our thermally broken and double-glazed windows, facades, curtain walls, bi-fold doors, and new range of acoustic slider systems, and you’ll receive details on technical information, application, limitations, alternatives and past projects.

Get a better understanding of the EDGE DNA and how it plays a major role in the development and manufacture of our U-MAX™, MAX™, and GEN™  systems. By implementing the EDGE DNA, our range promotes a true metric footprint, advanced drainage, and high energy efficiency.

Our improved projects portfolio brings EDGE suites to the forefront. With big beautiful photos, website visitors can see how our products have successfully been integrated in past projects across Australia. You’ll find massive commercial projects and high-quality family homes, and everything in between, and see which EDGE systems have been featured in each project.

We invite you to explore the EDGE Architectural website now and see what EDGE can do for your project.

Contact a member of our specification team to discuss design options.