A Perfect Panorama

Look out clouds, there’s a new building in town.

The construction at 101 Tram Road is now complete. Rising 13 storeys into the air from its base on Doncaster Hill, Panorama Apartments offers beautiful views of the Melbourne CBD.

Situated at the intersection of Doncaster and Tram Roads, the structure overlooks Westfield Shopping Centre, giving occupants plenty of entertainment within walking distance. As expected with such a behemoth, construction has taken some time. We wrote about Panorama Apartments here some sixteen months ago. The $48m building completed in late 2016, and features 210 luxury apartments in a mix of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom configurations.

Designed by Peddle Thorp, Panorama is split into two distinct designs. The frontage on Doncaster Road features a bold, sweeping design on a white front, standing out strongly. It juxtaposes well with the Westfield located just across the road.

The front on Tram Road is not quite as large or dramatic. Tastefully paralleling the street, this section is set back, rising up behind the integrated carparking block in regular intervals. There are prominent balconies to every street-front apartment, letting occupants have as much access to the stunning view as possible. A simple communal entry hall links the two halves of the building.

EDGE’s MAX® 100mm Centre Glazed window frames and MAX sliding doors are used in Panorama to great effect. The bold black outlines of the framing system are a key aspect of the building’s visual appeal on all fronts. Additionally, our high-quality double glazed system keeps interior temperature levels steady, despite the vast expanses of glass across the building. Occupants will be able to enjoy their stunning views to the full, without suffering hot or cold spots close to the glass.

For more photos of Panorama, visit our project gallery here.