U-MAX® Structural Glazed 150mm Framing

U-MAX Structural Glazed 150mm Framing gives architects design freedom from a thermally efficient system.


The minimal external face of the U-MAX Structural Glazed 150mm Framing reduces energy loss, while its reduced head and sill sight lines to create the expansive glass appearance.


Projects with U-MAX Structural Glazed 150 Framing

Technical Information

u-max structural glazed 150mm framing


  • 150mm frame depth (119.7mm “Box”)
  • Front face glass plane
  • Curtain wall option
  • Can be offered non-broken to maintain visual unity
  • External glazed only
  • Accepts 24mm to 28mm IGUs


  • Same frame depth as 150mm Front, Centre, and Offset glaze
  • 50mm face dimensions on mullions and transoms
  • Structural glazed
  • Reduced head and sill sight lines to maximize the “all glass” appearance
  • Minimal external face on frame reduces energy loss
  • Accepts 3M VHB structural glazing tape
  • Designed for factory glazing and easy site installation
  • Structural glazed multi locking sash option
  • Adapts to U-MAX Commercial doors


  • Factory and office facades structurally glazed


  • External glazed only
  • Limited to a stock length, nominally 6.5 metres
  • The use of 4-sided structural glazing requires great attention to detail in the glazing of frames. Ideally frames are factory glazed in a clean, controlled atmosphere and dust-free environment
  • Glazing methodology, glass cover, and silicone bite should be referred to tape and silicone suppliers for suitability to the application