Project update: Panorama, Doncaster

Up, up, up and away, Panorama apartments, standing tall on Doncaster Hill.

Located opposite Doncaster shopping centre, 101 Tram Road, aka, Panorama apartments, when complete will contain 210 dwellings over 13 floors. Designed by Peddle Thorp Architects, EDGE Architectural has been keeping a close eye on construction, with each apartment to feature our MAX™ 100 Centre Double Glazed framing systems and MAX™ double glazed sliding doors. We introduced Panorama Apartments in September with, “Watch this space … Panorama apartments, Doncaster Hill“, and watch this space we have. Here are some progress photographs we took a couple of weeks ago.

Project Team

Architect: Peddle Thorp Architects (PTA)
Builder: L.U Simon
Window Fabricator: Pacific Shopfitters

Impressive skyline views is one of Panorama’s most unique architectural features and key selling points. By specifying MAX™ double glazing, future tenants and owners can enjoy luxurious glass façades, without compromising on interior comfort and needing to spend excessive amounts of money to combat seasonal temperature changes.

It’s difficult to argue against the benefits of double glazing, with the following just a few of the many advantages double glazed aluminium windows and doors can provide.

  • Thermal insulation and reduction on demand for powered cooling and heating
  • Improved comfort levels within the building
  • Increase in usable space by reducing “hot” spots and “cold” spots
  • Better acoustic insulation compared to single glazed systems
  • Reduction of condensation on the inside of windows
  • Decreased costs for ongoing running and management of the building