Stop waiting for product to arrive, go local

Australian made means local lead times. Local lead times mean your projects are more likely to stay on schedule, on budget and be delivered with your reputation intact.

At EDGE Architectural we chose to fight offshore manufacturing trends, deciding to stay at home, develop local supply chains and do business with people just down the road. Numerous benefits were born from taking such an approach. From architect, to builder and end user, EDGE’s uniquely Australian product, developed by Australians, specifically for Australian conditions has proven and continues to prove the power and merit of ‘keeping it local’.

Getting from A to B on time

How many of your projects are held up waiting for product to arrive from overseas? EDGE Architectural extrudes thermally broken, double glazed and single glazed commercial framing systems as well as architectural louvres and fins, locally, through two Melbourne based extrusion plants. We also design and finish our window and door suites in our very own Dandenong South manufacturing facility.

Strategically partnering with onshore, Australian owned extrusion plants means EDGE is a reliable, readily available product range. Our close relationships with our two main extruders means we can guarantee our product will be on-site when you need it.

Don’t wait eight or more weeks for windows and doors to arrive on Australian soil, choose EDGE.


The savings

Every day your project is delayed costs you money. Waiting on what at first seems a “cheaper option” to arrive from overseas manufactures, can end up costing you more than locally made and sourced materials.

Don’t let waiting for building products to arrive in Australia cost you thousands of dollars in liquidated damages, choose EDGE.

Design consultation with EDGE team

Your reputation

EDGE Architectural’s partnered fabricators are master craftsmen. They are industry leaders, and trained professionals. Trust when working with the EDGE product range, you are working with a certified, trained and supported fabricator. EDGE partnered fabricators have access to the industries most advanced machinery and tooling program. Partners utilise our in-house engineering and design team, to resolve custom fabrication details, and satisfy project energy requirements. For a trusted product and superior service, work with an EDGE partnered fabricator, who fabricates quality, locally made windows and doors.

Reputations are built on quality, choose EDGE.

To see the difference EDGE Architectural will make on your next project, check out our project portfolio.