The EDGE Australian made windows and doors provide projects

It can be tempting to specify and purchase product from overseas manufactures and in some instances, sourcing materials abroad can be rewarding and effective. When it comes to aluminium windows and doors and EDGE Architectural’s superior range of Australian designed and made framing systems, the logical choice is to stay local.

At EDGE Architectural we chose to fight offshore manufacturing trends and decided to stay at home, develop local supply chains and do business with people just down the road. Numerous benefits were born from taking such an approach. From manufacturer, to architect and end user, EDGE’s uniquely Australian product, developed by Australians, specifically for Australian conditions has proven and continues to prove the power and merit of ‘keeping it local’.

Quality control

From start to finish we are able to monitor and review EDGE manufacturing. By choosing local extrusion partners and investing in training and developing staff and aligned fabricators, Team EDGE are able to ensure U-MAX™ thermal break, MAX™ double glaze and GEN™ single glaze remain consistent in quality. Designed to meet Australian building codes and tested in Australia, EDGE Architectural provides peace of mind through quality assurance.


No matter how digitally focused we become, people will always still enjoy doing business with people. Keeping manufacturing here in Australia allows EDGE Architectural to stay connected on a human level with the construction industry. Visit our Dandenong manufacturing facility and tour the warehouse; meet with our Architectural project manager and nut out architectural details; customise EDGE sections with our research and development manager and discover sometimes the ‘impossible’, is actually possible. Get to know EDGE, enjoy a connected business relationship with industry professionals.

Lead times

Nothing beats local lead times. Construction deadlines are always tight and importing windows and doors from overseas can take months. EDGE offers responsive and agile manufacturing. Keep projects running on time with EDGE Architectural.


Never underestimate the value of EDGE Consult. EDGE Consult is our dedicated team of product designers, engineers and project managers, here to assist you with specification and non-standard details. Meet with EDGE Architectural’s product designer and project mananger and enjoy unprecedented project flexibility. EDGE loves a challenge and being local provides the opportunity to meet with architects, builders and fabricators to assist building professionals in making concept, reality.

Support Australia

While quality, speed and flexibility are key to project success, choosing to work with Australian made products such as EDGE Architectural provides an enormous benefit to the Australian economy. Local manufacturing stimulates economic growth and provides real job opportunities for Australians.

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