Thermal performance system and louvres? Yes, please.

There is no box

In the previous blog post, we introduced you to the design and engineering of EDGE Architectural MAX™ frames with a sun shade for the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at University of Melbourne project. Our team worked with Seelite to develop this high performance energy saving system. It wasn’t “outside the box” thinking. It was, “there is not box” thinking.

Yesterday, Seelite started fabrication. Tim and John stopped in to see how they looked and shared these pictures with us.

Beyond the University

Recently, a fabricator taking a tour of Aluminium Industries was very impressed with the concept  and described the prototype as a “window system on steroids”. And we can understand why it might look like that. However, the unique frame/louvre combination has already been specified for another project and we anticipate it will be a great option for architects and fabricators wanting to achieve fantastic energy saving performance for a window system and a building.