Tomma Door Systems, the smooth hero behind EDGE's bi-fold and sliding door products

There is no denying the effectiveness of bi-fold and sliding door systems. Effortlessly, they open internal space and provide a fluid connection to outside.

Instantly flooding interior space with profound amounts of light, bi-fold and sliding doors also enhance alfresco entertaining space, providing perfect indoor/outdoor experience.

The EDGE Architectural product offering, includes thermally broken and double glazed bi-fold and sliding doors. The U-MAX™ sliding door and U-MAX™ bi-fold systems, compliment U-MAX™ thermally broken fixed framing, allowing continuous high energy performing thermal break across a project. The MAX™ sliding door and MAX™ bi-fold door, are operable components for MAX™, our double glazed framing product.

Integral to the success of the EDGE fenestration offering is door hardware. Hardly visible or noticeable once installed, high quality rollers empower EDGE sliding and bi-fold products to perform on a superior level. The EDGE product is fitted with high quality, high performance hardware from Tomma Door Systems by Mammoth. Tomma’s hardware is the silent hero behind our bi-fold and sliding door systems. Tomma’s advanced roller technology provides smooth, easy movement, and silent operation.

Mammoth Tomma hardware

Sliding Systems

The superior design and quality of  TOMMASLIDE will  literally open the door on project opportunities. TOMMASLIDE is a wonderful mix of style and function. Tomma’s sliding system allows for panel weights up to 300kg.

Folding Systems

The TOMMA folding system is a wonderful mixture of style and function with incredible quality, giving not only peace of mind, but a great look too. Patented hinge design and sleek flush bolts, all add to a style statement that will compliment any building.


A little more from Tomma…

Tomma has designed and patented a bi folding door system using inline pivots that prevents the pinching of the bottom frame seal that is an issue with the other bi-folding systems that use offset pivots. This also has the benefit of allowing in most cases the doors and glazing pockets to line up when stacked in the open position. Shorter bottom pivot peg to allow easier installation due to a lesser angle required when installing the pivot door.

Our hardware kits are fully assembled and have been adjusted in the factory and set to a mid height position. This means that at installation there should be no need for assembly or further adjustment. As opposed to other hardware that requires assembly and adjustment at installation. If adjustment is required, Tomma has a patented spring loaded locking collar that when pulled down via the red collar clip allows easy adjustment of the hinge shaft to adjust the height of the sash by using the included T Handle hex spanner.

Our top and bottom pivots are “clamped” into position. This design resulted due to feedback from installers regarding the difficulty of the screw and gear adjustment methods being hard to operate and use. With the Tommafold you release the screws and then adjust the door to suit the lateral openings as required. The polymers tyres on the Tommafold trolleys have been chosen based on over 100 years experience in rolling, sliding and stacking rollers. This polymer gives the longest life and highest resistance to flat spotting, whist keeping track wear to a minimum. Typically the tyres have been engineered to carry double the required system load.

The top carriers guide rollers are positioned at the top of the head track. This gives a more accurate and stronger position. Other systems only use this guide method in the very high load systems. Tomma use this method on all Bi-fold door systems as it is the best.

Tomma system of high precision hinge with the drilling guide, allow for a very easy to follow and massive time saving assembly of doors on site. The time saved on installation is typically 20 minutes per sash.

Tomma offer three Hinge hole patterns to suit our customers needs; be it for aluminium, timber or Ali/wood sashes. Further evidence of Tomma’s commitment to our customers needs.

Tomma bottom guides are manufactured from pressed Stainless Steel. Not castings. This gives a higher quality part that has greater strength and dimensional stability; along with smother surfaces to give greater resistance to staining.

The hinge handle on the Tomma hinges has been designed with ergonomics in mind to be a better fit and to allow for people with reduced hand function to be able to operate without discomfort.

The Tomma hinge has been manufactured in a manner that offers high precision to allow for easier installation. The hinge leaves incorporate a high viscosity lubricant that allows the hinges to be opened up for fixing to the sash on site without “flapping around” once again this innovation is the result of spending time with fabricators and installers and “listening to what the customer wants”.

Tommafold tracks are supplied pre-drilled and countersunk and are anodized as standard. Once again making Tommafold an easier system to install and giving longer smother operation with many years trouble free operation.

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