Dissecting the EDGE DNA: external screw

Trump transom torque with the unique frame assembly of EDGE Architectural

The EDGE Architectural external screw: small and mighty

The form and function of the U-MAX™ and MAX™ front glazed suites get a major boost from an innovative assembly design utilising a humble, unassuming piece of hardware, an external screw.

Support where it’s needed

We took a screw with a square drive head and moved the glazing pocket marginally further back. The glazing pocket is set at the perfect distance to get the best strength, stop transom rotation, support the load and drain water. No other front glazed system supports transoms as well.

Frame fixing external to the glazing rebate provides structural support of the frame and glass without interfering with drainage. The joint won’t open up and allow water in.

Break from tradition

Traditionally, systems either didn’t have a front screw at all or the screw came through the glazing pocket.

  • Often meant the split mullion needed to be wider than horizontals, losing visual unity.
  • A countersink operation was required to allow the mullion to mate.
  • The screw was placed central in the pocket and didn’t deal as well torsionally under wind load or take the dead weight of glass.
  • Without blocking off the glazing pocket, this scenario invited water to land on the screw and track underneath the pocket on top of the glass, making weathering suspect.

By breaking from tradition, we addressed all the above issues and delivered huge benefits with a little screw.

The unique frame assembly of EDGE Architectural differs from what everyone else does with a front glazed system. It’s just one more neat little difference with our front glazed system. All these little differences add up to a major difference in performance and aesthetics.