Victoria University student accommodation tower

Student accommodation is hot property in major cities. As international university intakes continue to increase, demand on student housing becomes greater.

In 2014, EDGE Architectural’s MAX™ 100 Centre Double Glaze and MAX™ 150 Structural Double Glaze assemblies were successfully installed on LaTrobe Street’s Urbanest student housing tower. Now, EDGE eagerly awaits completion of a second accommodation project, Nettleton Tribe’s Victoria University tower. Located on Ballarat Road in Footscray, this complex will feature 504 rooms over 12 levels. After almost 16 months in construction, completion date should fall December 2015.

EDGE is thrilled to be part of this significant development in Melbourne’s west, with MAX™ double glazed frames specified for external glazing areas. MAX™ double glazed systems will provide future students with managed heat loss, increasing interior comfort levels through colder months; while external shading will provide more comfortable interior temperatures during summer.

Read more about MAX™ Double Glazed framing systems from EDGE, here.

Team EDGE visited site a couple of weeks ago to catch up on the tower’s progress, here’s how things are coming along.

Project Team

Architect: Nettleton Tribe
Builder: ADCO Constructions
Window Fabricator: Mills Glass