About Aluminium Industries

Founded in 1996 by Jim Gallagher, Aluminium Industries of Australia Pty Ltd (Ai) remains privately owned today.


Driven by a “what’s next” vision and long-term planning, the organization has grown through the years to include five separate, yet connected brands: EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems, GLYDE Architectural Acoustic Systems, Pivotech shower screens and wardrobes, aiFAB custom fabrication and Comtruk. Each is a leading brand in their specific market with innovative products, onsite IP and customer service.


We are proudly Australian yet operate with a global perspective.

thermally broken aluminium extrusion

The EDGE Story

The evolution of EDGE® Architectural Glazing Systems began in 2005 with the establishment of the Ai Architectural ranges. Through a journey of dynamic research and fresh feature development, EDGE emerged with one of the largest and most comprehensive set of commercial aluminium window and door frames in Australia.


EDGE designs and distributes innovative aluminium systems for the architectural, commercial, industrial and high-end housing markets. Our customers are builders and fabricators covering numerous sectors including government, private, health, defence, education, and medium to high density apartments. EDGE focuses on the strong demand for energy efficient commercial buildings with an internally designed, proprietary, market leading product suite featuring thermally broken, double glazing architectural systems.


Within the EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems range we have three major product families:

    • U-MAX®: Thermally broken double-glazed window and door suites
    • MAX®: Double glazed window and door suite
    • GEN®: Single glazed window and door suites


The EDGE philosophy is to offer creative, streamlined and efficient solutions without compromise.