Cultivating partnerships to build better architectural window systems

EDGE extrusion partners: extruding the future, today

EDGE Architectural selected two aluminium extrusion partners for the ecosystem. Extrusion Profiles Australia (EPA) and Extrusions Australia (EA) were selected for a lot of reasons; here are a few of the key ones:

  • Australian produced
  • Capable
  • Technically adroit
  • Innovative
  • Local
  • Responsive

Our extrusion partners

  • Extrusions Australia
  • Extrusion Profiles Australia

Service, quality, delivery

Extrusions Australia (EA) provides high quality aluminium extrusions to meet their customers’ exact requirements and expectations. The EA story is a lot like the Aluminium Industries (Ai) story. EA is a privately, wholly Australian owned company with a commitment to remain Australian. EA launched in 2005 as a lean start up and leadership with a clear vision for the future. Ai began in 1996 with one man, an Australian, seizing an opportunity to build something different.

EA’s commitment to excellence in service, quality and delivery makes them an ideal partner for EDGE. Their passion for Australia and our communities makes them an asset to our customers the EDGE ecosystem.

In their own words:

About EA

Independent extruder – we don’t compete with our customers. We want to support and develop long term relationships to grow our business and help our customers grow their businesses also.
Quality – several things can give us an advantage over off-shore suppliers. One is quality. By continuing to “raise the bar” and provide consistent high quality product which overseas suppliers often can’t do.
Technical support – this is another advantage we offer compared to overseas suppliers. EA grew from a die manufacturer (SEDCO) and our expertise is in technical assistance for both section design and die design. We have shown with Aluminium Industries that we can successfully manufacture products that other suppliers from overseas and locally would not attempt.
Lead times – the major benefit compared to overseas suppliers. With an in-house die shop we also offer shorter lead times than local extruders for die manufacture and hence manufacture of new products.

The EA advantages utilised by the U-MAX™ suite:
A U-MAX™ fabricated window comprises many parts that need to fit together precisely. High quality of extruded product, within the allowable tolerances at a consistent level is what we offer. If there is a problem, we have the expertise to problem solve using die design and section design suggestions. Continuing to challenge our die design and extrusion manufacture allows us to continue to push the limits and develop new designs and strategies to improve our products and abilities to provide products that others cannot.

Company Aims:
Continuous Improvement, Quality and Productivity: by die design, extrusion parameters, equipment modifications, training of staff, retention of staff.
Improving Service – better than anyone else, lead times, technical advise, communication – at a competitive price – which means continuous drive to improve efficiency.
Building Relationships: customers need to have confidence that product will be delivered on time and with the desired quality. This can only happen with consistent performance.

Visit the EA website.

Extrusion Profiles Australia (EPA)

Aluminium Industries has enjoyed a long-term strategic partnership with EPA. EPA is down the block and members of the EDGE team cross the parking lot multiple times daily to discuss projects, progress and timelines.

In their own words:

Extrusion Profiles Australia (EPA), a division of Aluminium Profiles Australia (APA) is one of the modern extrusion companies in Australia. Our plant and operation is designed to be very flexible to meet our customer’s needs; from the design to the finish, and from small extrusion profiles to 200mm shapes. We specialise in extrusions of high quality of aluminium alloys to meet the requirements of our customer’s needs and cater for the following alloys – 6060, 6005, 6061, 6463. When it comes to Planning, our Technical department has qualified staff to consult and support our clients in order to satisfy the request of particularly difficult designs. Our lead times are one of the best in the industry, so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our extrusion services.

Visit the EPA/APA website.

Nimble and responsive aluminium extruding

The strategic relationship between Aluminium Industries and our extrusion partners allows us to be more responsive to our customers’ needs. We can deliver high quality results faster.

Similarly, our team can expertly engineer creative, custom solutions from design to extrusion to delivery.

Complex profiles take shape

The aluminium extruding process creates objects of a fixed, cross-sectional profile. Aluminium is pushed through a die of the desired cross-section to achieve the required shape. The most is made of aluminium’s unique combination of physical characteristics through the extrusion process. Its malleability lends itself to easy machining and casting and aluminium is one third the density and rigidity of steel. The final extrusions offer strength and stability with an excellent surface finish. The advantage of this process is its ability to create very complex cross-sections, like the EDGE Architectural frames.