Developing new designs to deliver results

Custom solutions to satisfy unique project goals

Every project is different, different needs, different goals, different challenges. And every project requires different solutions to satisfy its needs, goals and challenges. To aid users of the EDGE Architectural window and door systems in selecting the best suite for their project or in designing a customised option, we offer Team EDGE and EDGE Consult. Between Team EDGE and EDGE Consult, we have the expertise and capacity to support you in finding solutions for projects. Often these solutions involve creating new designs and cutting new dies. We work with specifiers and fabricators on projects to develop custom extrusions for projects. This is a key difference to most other suppliers who just offer an “off the shelf” solution. Developing a distinctive look for a project or working to improve a design to streamline manufacture or installation are what we love doing.


Everyone on Team EDGE works hard to deliver a product and service greater than the sum of its parts. And we don’t shy away when this involves customisation. Our dedication to collaborating with customers on their projects led to the development of support people and tools fabricators need. Team EDGE people are passionate, forward-thinkers, dedicated to offering accessible and useful assistance to EDGE fabricators.

EDGE Consult

EDGE Consult provides consultative services for EDGE fabricators, ensuring the provided system meets the project’s specifications. The EDGE Consult team has extensive knowledge of EDGE Architectural framing systems, the development process and the performance benefits of every frame. Often projects involve nonstandard details. It can be difficult to know how to fabricate, or even where to source irregular sections. Speak to EDGE Consult and find the solution.

Experience and expertise

With years of industry experience and deep knowledge of the EDGE Architectural systems, our people work with you in a consultative and advisory fashion.