EDGE looking super at GP Super Clinic

Last year the Hume GP Super Clinic was completed, it stands as an exciting new development for Melbourne’s west.

Designed by Billard Leece Partnership, the project features MAX™ double glazed assemblies from EDGE Architectural. Not just a pretty face, MAX™ double glazing provides the clinic with increased interior comfort levels, due to the system’s superior performance. In addition to offering advanced thermal performance, MAX™ double glazing is injected with EDGE Architectural’s unique product DNA for better overall performance and increased system flexibility. Features include:

  • Visual unity and seamless integration between suites
  • Concealed transom drainage system directs water over and around the edge of glass
  • Increase quality control and cost savings with factory fitted during transom assembly
  • Common screw flute centres across U-MAX™, MAX™ and GEN™
  • Anti drop-out beads
  • Pocket design is clean and uncluttered with no restricting legs
  • Split mullion design for most suites allows mix and matching
  • Advanced drainage methodology

A couple of weeks ago, Team EDGE visited the GP Super Clinic to take some photographs of the project’s impressive contemporary façade.



Project Team

Architect: Billard Leece Partnership
Builder: Kane Construction
Window Fabricator: Mills Glass

Billard Leece Partnership on the GP Super Clinic

Located in the Broadmeadows Central Activity District, the Hume GP Super Clinic will provide same day multidisciplinary ambulatory diagnosis and treatment services as well as general practitioner services and urgent care services for people with conditions that are low in complexity. The model of care will enable health professionals to work in a team environment that facilitates staff to cross barriers that often exist between hospitals, community providers and GPs.

The Super Clinic will not only deliver health services but also aim to improve the life outcomes and address the inherent inequalities of residents in Hume. The provision of a meaningful place within the local community provides the ability to support local residents to not only address their health needs but aims to encourage people with social disadvantage to enter the TAFE system and be supported with high level health services.

(Source: BLP)