Projects will finish first with the superior surface finishing options of EDGE

Premium surface finishing for a premium architectural window and door system

The EDGE ecosystem features a network of partner suppliers chosen for their proven commitment to excellence, support and Australian construction. This applies to the providers of surface finishing services, as well. The premium performance of the EDGE suites warrants premium surface finishing reliably delivered on time. With aiPC, AAF and APA in the EDGE ecosystem, our systems are assured the best finish in the business.

Ai Powder Coat (aiPC)

Ai PC, Ai’s powder coat line located at our Ordish Road facility in Melbourne, provides high quality finishes for projects on tight timelines. Exclusively available to customers of Aluminium Industries, aiPC is accommodating and flexible, and delivers gorgeous jobs.

AAF: World’s best practices

Australian Aluminium Finishing (AAF) provides aluminium finishing with standard anodising and powder coating in accordance with Australian Standards and adds value with high grade finishes processed to their exclusive and exacting standards. Quality drives AAF. From logistics and processes, to warranties and the finished result, the company prides itself on giving a premium finish to premium products. They do what it takes to get it right.

AAF offers world best practices in anodising and powder coating nearby, in Dandenong South.

AAF: In their own words

AAF is proud to support Aluminium Industries in the new U-MAX™ thermal break system.

AAF is Australia’s national finishing company with facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. With over 30 years’ in the finishing industry, AAF has the experience and systems to ensure the highest quality of Anodising, Powder Coating and Fluoropolymer (PVF3) finishes for EDGE Architectural Glazing products.

All AAF plants are third party accredited, and independently audited, to the highest standards. The Powder coating plants are certified to the international Qualicoat system. AAF Evershield Anodising, and Evershield Coastal, provide finishes to suit every environment.

Ai always ensure the highest quality finishes are used on the new U-MAX™ product to protect and decorate the investment in this outstanding product. Warranties for colour, gloss, adhesion are all important in the longevity and beauty of the U-MAX™ range. AAF ‘DNA’ traceability also ensures you’re your specification and warranty through AAF.

AAF also has the training and experience to finish/process the thermal break elements in the new U-MAX™ suite.

Colour Selection: AAF On-line Colour Selector provides access to industry wide colour selector for powder coating and anodising presents a comprehensive range of Dulux, Akzo Nobel (Interpon) and Anodising Colours.

For more information about AAF, visit their website.

Aluminium Profiles Australia (APA)

Aluminium Industries has enjoyed a long-term strategic partnership with APA. APA is down the block and members of the EDGE team cross the parking lot multiple times daily to discuss projects, progress and timelines.

APA has the ability to powder coat the longest extrusions in Australia, up to 8.8 metres.

APA: In their own words

APA has two large horizontal powder coating lines complete with an on line pre-etch chromate conversion treatment and one medium size stand alone coating plant for medium to small colour works.

The great advantages for automatic on line Pre-Treatment delivers:

  • Minimum physical handling of the product
  • No handling damage
  • Free of dust and foreign environment
  • Atmospheric air
  • Better and durable quality

Aluminium Profiles Australia (APA) is an industry leader in manufacturing, designing and supplying aluminium profiles for all architectural, commercial, residential, transport use and many other applications.

Our Australian owned and run company has been supplying Australian manufacturers with aluminium profiles and products for the last 35 years.
Quality of our products is core to our business. As such, we have invested in a state of the art aluminium finishing plant and spent endless hours planning and perfecting our technologies and processes.

APA runs two high-tech anodising plans employing the latest European technology; a coating system using electrolytic colouring process and an anodising processing computer system.

In addition, we have developed a wide range of anodic coating shades and grade of preparation such as:

  • Chemical polish bright etched matt finish
  • Etched matt finish
  • Electrolytically bright finish
  • Mechanical etched finish
  • Satin finish
  • Directional lined finish

We pride ourselves in providing excellent guidance on the selection of aluminium grade, alloys, texture; colour and coating. These include:

  • Selection of aluminium alloy anodising quality
  • Selection of texture
  • Selection of coating thickness
  • Decorated internal domestic application
  • Outdoor domestic application
  • Heavy duty commercial application
  • Coastal and marine application

Our profiles are recognised within the industry for their durability, flexibility in design and strength.

Visit the APA website.