Just released: new EDGE catalogues

It’s been a while since our last complete EDGE catalogue update in late 2017. So much has changed within the U-MAX, MAX, and GEN ranges, and we’re eager to share it all with you.


Eager to start exploring on your own? Click on the button below for the range you want to check out first. Or, if you prefer a guided overview of the new products and product updates, scroll on down the page.






A review of changes across the ranges


  • The updated catalogues feature fresh project images, illustrating new and relevant applications. More project images are featured on edgearchitectural.com.au in the project gallery.
  • You’ll find assembly procedures with illustrative photos and explanations in all three catalogues, including how to seal a frame joints and how to fit a watershed. The appropriate sealing of a product and the redirection of water is a critical part of any long-term performing system.


The MAX catalogue

New and updated:

  • MAX 100 Front Double Glaze – 20 degree splayed coupler added to the range
  • New MAX 150mm Front Double Glaze 40mm pocket, internal glazed sill/transom
  • MAX 150mm Truth head/sill, which can be used on both front glazed and offset glazed suites
  • SG182 Rocket Mullion added to the range
  • New MAX Sliding Window, complementing the U-MAX version released in 2018
  • Change to the Bifold Door, a new Pivot Set conceals head machining and makes it simpler to load rolling gear into the head
  • MAX Sliding Door, Glaze-in Frame Option allows “zero threshold” sill and reduces assembly costs and metal costs
  • MAX Sliding Door acoustic door panel is more elegant, cheaper, and functionally superior at achieving the optimum glass separation for acoustics compared to the typical practice of a two-panel door fitted inside a two-panel door to create a 100mm airspace. Our new arrangement uses a fixed panel which improves the function and appearance of the door significantly, together with resolving roller adjustment issues and the inability to clean between the “sandwiched” sliding panel
  • MAX Sliding Door 100mm deep door rail, with two screw flutes for visual appearance and strength
  • New Curtain Wall bracketry, extending the use of these brackets with our three curtain wall systems
  • New Heavy Duty 150mm sub head because the nature of our projects tend to be larger buildings and engineers are more closely scrutinising sub frame strength
  • Rationalisation and redevelopment of 100mm and 150mm sub framing for more versatility and strength
  • SG182 sub head introduced which can be used unbroken and thermally broken
  • Sub Framing, new expressed 70mm and 200mm rectangular box sub jamb/sub sills, as shading and privacy is becoming more important these offer a unique way to “frame” a window
  • Tilt Only and Turn Only hardware options added to the tilt and turn window


The U-MAX Catalogue

New and updated:

  • The addition of SG182 thermally broken structural glazed as a framing system; SG182 has a 40mm rebate and is coming into its own in dealing with large spans and acoustic IGU makeups of 32-34mm
  • New CW142 thermally broken curtain wall; our versatile Polyamide beaded curtain wall creates a number of rebate depths, reaches less than 1.8Uw ratings, and tested to comply with Passive House air infiltration ratings; as NCC 2019 takes effect, our industry will require significantly improved window systems to comply with the more stringent energy requirements
  • Added a Sub Frames section in the catalogue
  • Added a Glazing Adaptors section to allow thermally glazed adaptors to be more easily found
  • Change to the Bifold Door, with a new Pivot Set which conceals head machining and makes it simpler to load rolling gear into the head
  • U-MAX Sliding Door redesigned door stile to Polyamide which improves the appearance of the product and easier adaption of mortice locks
  • Tilt Only and Turn Only hardware options added to the tilt and turn window.