Making structural glazing stick

No man is an island, and neither is EDGE Architectural.

The creation of a superior aluminium framing system is a collaborative process. We value every component within the EDGE Architectural eco-system, every component enables U-MAX™, MAX™ and GEN™ to meet the ever evolving needs of fabricators, builders and architects.  Structurally glazed systems are always in demand. At EDGE Architectural, we offer thermally broken and double glazed solutions in the U-MAX™ and MAX™ product ranges.

One key component of our structural glazed design is the use of 3M™ VHB™ Tape. EDGE Architectural offers Australia’s first glazing system purposed designed for the tape. 3M™ VHB™ Tapes are high-strength bonding tapes and a proven alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other mechanical fasteners. Unlike screws or rivets – which join materials at a single point, high-strength bonding tape permanently adheres one substrate to another while spreading the stress load across the entire length of the joint. Once materials are joined with 3M™ VHB™ Tape, a virtually indestructible “weld” is created. Unique viscoelastic properties absorb shock and distribute stress evenly. This tape’s flexibility compensates for differential thermal expansion between dissimilar materials, so they can be bonded with confidence. 3M™ VHB™ Tapes bond and seal aluminium, steel, glass, painted and powder-coated surfaces, and plastics such as acrylic and polycarbonate.

The 3M culture thrives on innovation. It’s an organisation that’s so amazing at producing the amazing. 3M products are integrated in so many ways into our day to day lives, we hardly even notice the conveniences they bring. From the postit note, to scotch tape, to industrial strength adhesives, almost all of us benefit from 3M innovation everyday. When the EDGE team saw the benefits of 3M™’s VHB™ tape for structural glazing, we wanted it in the EDGE ecosystem. Once we started working with the 3M people and experienced the level of service and support our customers would receive, we knew we made the right choice.

EDGE Architectural structural glazing portfolio

IMAS: Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, Hobart
 John Wardle Architects in association with Terroir Architects
Fabricator: Commercial Windows and Doors (CWD)

To achieve a dynamic reflective façade and thermal performance, 150mm MAX™ structurally glazed system from EDGE Architectural was used.

MAX structurally glazed window systems and sunshades installed at IMAS
312 La Trobe Street Student Accommodation, Melbourne
Architect: dKO Architects

This soon to be complete student accommodation tower features 100mm MAX™ structurally glazed double glazed framing system.

Urbanest_3m component feature

So who are 3M?

A Global Innovation Company

3M is a global innovation company that never stops inventing. Over the years, our innovations have improved daily life for hundreds of millions of people all over the world. We have made driving at night easier, made buildings safer, and made consumer electronics lighter, less energy-intensive and less harmful to the environment. We even helped put a man on the moon. Every day at 3M, one idea always leads to the next, igniting momentum to make progress possible around the world.


  • Act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do.
  • Satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service.
  • Provide our investors an attractive return through sustainable, global growth.
  • Respect our social and physical environment around the world.
  • Value and develop our employees’ diverse talents, initiative and leadership.
  • Earn the admiration of all those associated with 3M worldwide.