More effective, more attractive window and door system drainage

No drain holes

Admit it. You think those drain holes in window frames are ugly. We agree. Beyond being ugly, drain holes in the face of a sill leaves the system vulnerable to other things. Air pressure, water, spiders and insects, all sorts of things can get in there. Where air goes, water will follow. That’s why when we designed the legacy-free EDGE Architectural framing systems, we did the research and testing to find a more effective, more attractive water drainage system.

Framing systems in general were meant to be gutters and downpipes, but many of today’s systems designers have forgotten this. We’ve taken a best practice approach with it. Our solution delivers a better drainage result and allows us to eliminate the drain holes. The EDGE suites are premium systems with premium drainage.

A fresh approach to drainage

The Watershed methodology ensures dry interiors and prevents the build-up of still water, recurring condensation and even mould that can occur in standard framing systems. Watershed manages and directs the flow of rainwater through the frame system to the external perimeter of the building. It uses vertical members (jamb and mullion) to direct water through the system for collection by the subsill.

The Watershed component is designed to be factory fitted during transom assembly, increasing quality control and decreasing costs. Once properly assembled, Watershed ensures water cannot run from the end of the transom on top of the glass or the glazing wedge. Treating windows as “fish tanks” with silicone glazing doesn’t stop water entry and external drain holes actually become an entry point for water. Good systems design allows water entry and effectively deals with drainage.