Passing product testing with flying colours, EDGE is awesome like that

It’s easy to say you’re awesome, but to be truly awesome, you need real proof. At EDGE, we call this proof, successful product testing.

MAX™ double glazing provides architects, builders, fabricators and end users, with superior performing windows and doors. At EDGE, all our products are marinated in a rich product DNA. Advanced water management technology, metric footprints, complete cross system compatibility, design flexibility, improved fabrication methodology and anti-drop-out glazing beads, all contribute to EDGE’s ability to exceed performance standards, and kick some product testing butt.

A couple of weeks ago EDGE travelled to Sydney to conduct three tests on our MAX™ Centre Front Glaze framing system. MAX™ underwent a water test, structural test and an air infiltration test – totally cutting the mustard in each.

The reason we received such successful test results, comes down to two elements, the first, is system DNA, strong, intelligent, Australian product design. The second, is attention to detail. Careful and skilled fabrication of our systems, from aligned and trained fabricators, means our product is able to perform to its full capacity and achieve amazing results.

Have you ever wondered how windows are actually tested? Watch our videos below of MAX™ Centre Double Glaze undergoing water and structural testing. You can also see our incredible test results in each video too.

Water Test

Structural Test