The importance of specification

Specification is a powerful design tool. While many may view the process as a formality in project documentation, a strong specification is significant for architectural success.

Specification can make or break a project. The Australian construction industry is flooded with products. With so many options,  it’s important projects are documented correctly to avoid confusion or inferior alternatives. Failure to successfully specify can compromise design intention. EDGE Architectural takes specification seriously. Backed by a team of industry experts, EDGE provides architects with support, education and documentation, to generate secure specifications. EDGE’s unique feature set means it’s paramount U-MAX™ thermally broken, MAX™ double glazed and GEN™ single glazed frames, are correctly specified.

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Get what you want with EDGE Architectural

How many times have you meticulously designed a key architectural feature, only to have the built reality reflect your intention poorly? Correct specifications minimise the chance of disappointment. While nothing is ever 100 percent guaranteed, taking the time to write full specifications, does increase your ability to maintain control over your designs. At EDGE Architectural we recommend letting us know when U-MAX™, MAX™, or GEN™ are specified. It can be difficult to monitor every aspect of a project. With so many products in one project, it’s impossible to keep on top of everything. By letting EDGE know about your window and door specification, we can monitor things for you. We can put forward recommended installers to the successful builder for quoting, and we can make sure builders understand your EDGE specification. Specify EDGE and ensure you get what you want.

Reach for the stars

You’re only as good as your last project. At EDGE Architectural we want to make sure all your projects are amazing. After all, who wouldn’t want to be an architectural legend? Not specifying, or incorrect product specification can result in inferior alternatives creeping into projects without your knowledge. The EDGE Architectural range has many features; advanced drainage technology, anti pop out gasket design, no visible drain holes, polyurethane thermal break and more. EDGE is a high performing window and door system, there are features and benefits in our systems, your designs shouldn’t have to miss out on. Correct EDGE specification ensures; windows and doors won’t leak, thermal performance is sustained, and façades continue to look incredible. Make your architecture the best it can be, take time to specify quality architectural products.

Know what is possible

Not every drawing can be built. Avoid disappointment and onsite frustration, speak with EDGE Architectural’s EDGE Consult team.  EDGE Consult brings extensive knowledge of EDGE Architectural framing systems, the development process and the performance benefits of every feature. They provide project specific support, non-standard detailing, and focused workshops. EDGE Consult is equipped with the latest software and equipment including two 3D printers and the latest CAD and 3D rendering software. EDGE Consult is your go-to for Section J requirements and non-standard detailing. In understanding the possibilities and limitations of products, you ensure your architectural designs become built realities.

Embrace your inner specification superstar

Knowledge is power. Make yourself a product whiz, wow everyone with your specification skills. At EDGE Architectural we love windows and doors, and we love sharing our product knowledge with you. The better you understand our window and door systems, the better you can design, specify, and complete projects successfully. To assist you with specification we have multiple educational resources. You might like to try:

Specification is far more than something to tick off during project documentation, specification is a significant element in the design and construction process. If you need assistance on a current project, or you would like to know more about the EDGE Architectural range, don’t be shy, get in contact with us today.