Think all window systems are the same? Think again …

Just because a product is available in the Australian market place, doesn’t mean it complies with Australian Standards.

Framing systems vary immensely. From glazing capability, to thermal performance, aesthetics and compliance, framing systems are NOT all identical. Windows and doors are as important to a project as structural support. Never underestimate the significance of Australian accreditation, Australian manufacturing and Australian supply. Quality and compliance should be top of product selection criteria. EDGE Architectural is designed to meet Australian Standards, and has WERS data available.

For more information on EDGE Architectural’s performance data, visit our technical resources page.

Discover a real difference

EDGE’s U-MAX™ thermally broken framing system is the first thermally broken frame, designed specifically for the Australian construction industry. U-MAX™, uses two different thermal break technologies; polyurethane and polyamide to create framing design specific to our market. EDGE Architectural is the only supplier in Australia who offers pour and debridge, polyurethane technology. This method of thermal break prevents through frame energy loss, while not compromising frame integrity. EDGE commercial framing systems only lose six per cent of their initial structural integrity.

Not all framing systems are alike, with EDGE, know you are working with high achieving product, capable of detail, performance and aesthetic, previously thought impossible.

Fixing the flaws

EDGE understands what’s important to you. You want projects to run on time and on budget. Avoid unexpected construction costs, long lead times and post project replacement work, by choosing EDGE Architectural.

Windows that won’t leak

Leaking frames are disastrous. Water damage is expensive and difficult to fix. It’s not enough to rely on silicon alone for waterproofing. EDGE Architectural design employees advanced drainage technology, when installed correctly, EDGE won’t leak.

Shorter lead time

Being local means we deliver on site with minimal lead time. EDGE Architectural extrudes through two local mills, and we operate within a network of aluminium finishers. We provide you with what you need, to do what you do best – build.

Speedy fabrication

Our framing systems enable off site fabrication, in controlled factory environments. EDGE Architectural will save you time and money.

Glazing beads that won’t pop out

Our glazing bead locks into place by locating into a captive groove under pressure from a glazing wedge or foam rod in the pocket. The anti-drop out bead ensures
dislodgement can’t occur. No other commercial aluminium window and door system offers this feature.

Glazing flexibility

Most of our suites can be internally or externally glazed to suit project accessibility.


Alternate between flush glazing, center glazing, thermally broken, double glazing and single glazing frames while maintaining visual unity.

Modern and metric

Ever wondered why aluminium windows and doors still reflect imperial measurements? We wondered, and found it ridiculous. So we metricised our systems.

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